Baseball Game page #2

1977-Sept.23. WLW  Reds (Moskau) at Braves (Mahler)
1977-Sept.23. NY netw. Yanks (Gullett) at Blue Jays (Jefferson)
1977-Sept.25. KYW  Phils clinch a tie for the NL East. Phils (Brusstar) at Expos (J.Brown)
1977-Sept.27. KYW  Phils win NL East. Phils (Christenson) at Cubs (Bonham)
1977-Sept.27 WGN  Phils win the NL East. Phils (Christenson) at Cubs (Bonham)
1977-Sept.27. NY netw. Yanks magic number drops to 3. Indians (Waits) at Yanks (Tidrow)
1977-Sept.28. NY netw. Indians (Fitzmorris) at Yanks (Gullett)
1977-Oct.2. WGN  Gm.1 of DH. Cubs(Burris) at Pirates (T.Jones)
1977-Oct.2. WMAQ. Mariners (B.Abbott) at Chisox (Frost)
1977-Gm.1 of NLCS. Jerry Coleman & Ralph Kiner. Phils (Carlton) at Dodgers (John)
1977-Gm.2 of NLCS. Coleman & Kiner. Phils (Lonborg) at Dodgers (Sutton)
1977-Gm.3 of NLCS. Coleman and Kiner. Dodgers (Hooton) at Phils (Christenson)
1977-Gm.4 of NLCS. Coleman & Kiner.  Dodgers (John) at Phils (Carlton)
1977-Gm.1 of ALCS. Phil Rizzuto,Frank Messer & Bill White. Royals(Splittorff) at Yanks (Gullett)
1977-Gm.2 of ALCS. Rizzuto, Messer & White.  Royals (Hassler) at Yanks (Guidry)
1977-Gm.3 of ALCS. Ernie Harwell & Ned Martin. Yanks (Torrez) at Royals (Leonard)
1977-Gm.4 of ALCS. Harwell & Martin. Yanks (Figueroa) at Royals (Gura)
1977-Gm.5 of ALCS. Fred White and Denny Matthews. Yanks (Guidry) at Royals (Splittorff)
1977-Gm.1 of WS. Ross Porter,Bill White & Win Elliot. Dodgers (Sutton) at Yanks (Gullett)
1977-Gm.2 of WS. Kiner,Porter & Elliot.  Dodgers (Hooton) at Yanks (Hunter)
1977-Game 3 of WS. Coleman,White,Elliot. Yanks (Torrez) at Dodgers (John)
1977-Gm.4 of WS. Coleman, Elliot & White  Yanks (Guidry) at Dodgers (Rau)
1977-Gm.5 of WS. Coleman, Elliot & White.  Yanks (Gullett) at Dodgers (Sutton)
1977-Gm.6 of WS. Porter & Elliot. Reggie hits homers off Hooton, Sosa & Hough. Yanks win it all.
1978-Apr.1. DeWayne Staats.   Astros (J.R.Richard) at Rangers (Alexander)
1978-Apr.2. Jon Miller & Bill Merrill. Astros (J.Niekro) at Rangers (Ellis)
1978-Apr.7. KYW. Opening Day. Cards (Vukovich) at Phillies (Carlton)
1978-Apr.7. NY netw. Opening Day. Expos (Rogers) at Mets (Koosman)
1978-Apr.7. Milo Hamilton & Lanny Frattare on KDKA. Opening Day. Cubs (R.Reuschel) at Pirates(Candelaria)
1978-Apr.8  WGN  Cubs (Burris) at Pirates (Blyleven)
1978-Apr.8. NY netw. Opening Day. Yanks (Guidry) at Rangers (Matlack)
1978-Apr.12. KYW  Expos (Rogers) at Phils (Lonborg)
1978-Apr.14. WGN.  Pirates (Reuss) at  Cubs (Fryman). Wrigley home opener & Dave Kingman's Cub debut.
1978-Apr.15. NY netw. Chisox (Barrios) at Yanks (Figueroa)
1978-Apr.15. WGN. Mayhem at Wrigley. 20+ runs. Pirates (Rooker) at Cubs (Lamp)
1978-Apr.16. WWWE  Indians (Garland) at Royals (Leonard)
1978-Apr.16. KMOX  In St.L., Bob Forsch of the Cards no-hits the Phillies
1978-Apr.17. NY netw.  Orioles (Flanagan) at Yanks (Hunter)
1978-Apr.17.  KYW  Phils (Lonborg) at Pirates (Candelaria)
1978-Apr.18   WGN. Expos (Rogers) at Cubs (Burris)  Pre-game interview with Steve Ontiveros
1978-Apr.19   WGN  Expos (May) at Cubs (Fryman)
1978-Apr.21.  WWWE  Indians (Garland) at Bosox (Torrez)
1978-Apr.21.  WLW   Reds (Seaver)  at  Giants (Knepper)
1978-Apr.21.  WGN   Mets (Swan) at  Cubs (Lamp)
1978-Apr.22   WGN   Mets (Koosman) at Cubs (R.Reuschel)
1978-Apr.24.  WGN.  At Wrigley Field,  Phils (Lerch) blast Cubs (Fryman) with 9 in the 6th.
1978-Apr.25.  KABC  Dodgers (John) at Reds (Hume)
1978-Apr.25.  NY netw. Yanks (Beattie) at Orioles (Palmer)
1978-Apr.26.  KYW  Cubs (R.Reuschel) at Phils (R.Reed)
1978-Apr.26.  WWWE  Indians (Wise) at  Rangers (Alexander)
1978-Apr.26. WMAQ  Tigers (Morris) at Chisox (Wood)
1978-Apr.28   WGN   Cubs (Burris) at Braves (Easterly)
1978-Apr.28. KYW  Padres (Owchinko) at Phils (Christenson)
1978-Apr.29.  WLW  Rose goes 5 for 6,4 rbi and scores 4. Reds (Capilla) at Mets (Espinosa)
1978-Apr. 30. WGN  Cubs (Lamp) at Braves (Boggs)
1978-Apr.30  KYW  Padres (Jones) at Phillies (Lerch) Davey Johnson grand slams and is interviewed by "Whitey."
1978-May 3. WLW  Phillies (Christenson) at Reds (Norman)
1978-May 5.  WLW  Pete Rose's 3,000th hit. Expos (Rogers) at Reds (Hume)
1978-May 6.  WGN  Giants (Knepper) at Cubs (R.Reuschel)
1978-May 7.  KYW  Mets (Swan) at Phils (Lerch). "Bull" hits two!
1978-May 10. KYW  Astros(Lemongello( at Phils (Lonborg)  J.R.Richard's pre-game interview
1978-May 16. KYW  Phils (Carlton) at Astros (Lemongello)
1978-May 20. WGN  At Wrigley, the Cubs (Lamp) bomb the Cardinals (Falcone)
1978-May 24. WBAL  Gm.1 of DH  Tigers (Slaton) at Orioles (D.Martinez)
1978-May 24. WGN.  Phillies (J.Kaat) at Cubs (Burris)
1978-May 25. KYW  Phils (Carlton) at Cubs (R.Reuschel)
1978-May 27. WGN. Cubs (Lamp) at Cards (B.Forsch)  A pre-game interview with "Peanuts" Lowrey
1978-May 28. KYW  Phils (Christenson) at Braves (Hanna)
1978-May 28. WLW  Reds (Norman) at Padres (R.Jones)
1978-May 29. WWWE  Yanks (Messersmith) at Indians (Waits)
1978-June 2.  WGN  Braves (Hanna)  at Cubs (D.Roberts)
1978-June 3. WJR  Twins (Goltz) at Tigers (Sykes)
1978-June 4. WWWE  Indians (Wise)  at Brewers (Caldwell)
1978-June 4. KYW  Dodgers (John) at Phils (J.Kaat)
1978-June 5.  WMAQ  Chisox (Stone) at Indians (Waits)
1978-June 6. WMAQ  Chisox (Barrios) at Indians (Monge)
1978-June 7. WMAQ  Chisox (Kravec) at Twins (Erickson)
1978-June 7. WLW  Reds (Bonham) at Cubs (Burris)
1978-June 9. WJR  Royals (Splittorff) at Tigers (Billingham)
1978-June 9. KYW  Phils win 7th in a row. Braves (Solomon) at Phils (Christenson)
1978-June 9. WLW. Pirates win after trailing 8-1. Reds (Moskau) at Pirates (Reuss)
1978-June 10. WJR  Royals (Leonard) at Tigers (Sykes)
1978-June 10. WWWE  Twins (Erickson) at Indians (Wise)
1978-June 12. KMPC  Angels (Griffin) at Bosox (Lee)
1978-June 14. WJR  Tigers (Billingham) at Royals (Splittorff)
1978-June 15. WJR  Tigers (Sykes) at Royals (Leonard)
1978-June 16. WLW. In Cinc., Reds' Tom Seaver no-hits the Cardinals (Denny)
1978-June 17. WLW. Cards(Vukovich) at Reds (Bonham)
1978-June 17. NY netw. Guidry fans 18-a Yankee record! Angels (Hartzell) at Yanks
1978-June 17. WJR  Tigers (Wilcox) at Twins (Zahn)
1978-June 18. WMAQ. Gm.2 of DH. Chisox (Schueler) at Comiskey BOMB the Royals (Splittorff)
1978-June 18. Gm.1 of DH. WMCA. Heavy crowd noise. In SF, Vida Blue shuts out the Mets (Swan)
1978-June 18. NY netw. Gm.1 of DH. Vida Blue's 1st NL start. Mets (Swan) at Giants
1978-June 19. NY netw. Yanks (Clay) at Bosox (Tiant)
1978-June 20. WJR  Tigers (Baker) at Blue Jays (Garvin)
1978-June 22. WJR  Guidry wins 12th straight. Yanks at Tigers (Rozema)
1978-June 23. Jon Miller.  Fergie  Jenkins passes Christy Mathewson in career Ks. Angels at Rangers
1978-June 24. Jon Miller. Angels (Frost) at Rangers (Matlack)
1978-June 25. Jon Miller. Angels (Aase) at Rangers (Medich)
1978-June 27. Bos. netw. Bosox(>Wright) at Yanks (Guidry)  (3)
1978-June 28. WSB  Dodgers (Hooton) at Braves (P.Niekro)
1978-June 28. WEEE  Gm.1 of DH. Tigers (Slaton) at Indians (Waits)
1978-June 30.  WLW Gm.2 of DH. Bob Welch's 1st ML start. Dodgers at Reds (Sarmiento)
1978-June 30. WGN. Gm.1 of DH. Phillies(Christenson) at Cubs(Krukow). Pre-game interview with Richie Ashburn
1978-July 1. WLW  Dodgers (Rhoden) at Reds (Seaver)
1978-July 2. NY netw. Gm.1 of DH. Guidry goes 13-0. Tigers (Rozema) at Yanks
1978-July 2. WWWE  Gm.2 of DH  Indians (Freisleben) at Blue Jays (Jefferson)
1978-July 4. WWWE  Orioles (D.Martinez) at Indians (Clyde)
1978-July 4. WSB  Braves (Hanna) at Dodgers (Sutton)
1978-July 7. WLW  Gm.1 of DH. Giants (Blue) at Reds (Seaver)
1978-July 7. WLW  Gm.2 of DH  Giants (Barr) at Reds (Bonham)
1978-July 7. KMPC  Mariners (Pole) at Angels (Tanana)
1978-July 8. WWWE  Gm.1 of DH. Bosox (Eckersley) at Indians (Paxton)
1978-July 8. WLW  Giants (Montefusco) at Reds (Norman)
1978 All Star Game at Jack Murphy Stadium, San Diego. Vin Scullyt Musburger
1978-July 14. Jon Miller & Bill Merrill.Rangers (Jenkins) at Red Sox (Torrez)
1978-July 16. WLW. Rose hits in 29 straight breaking the record for a switch hitter. Mets(Kobel) at Reds(Hume) & Bren
1978-July 16.  WBAP  Rangers (Matlack) at Orioles (Kerrigan)
1978-July 17. WLW Rose hits in 30 straight. Expos(Grimsley) at Reds (Norman) 
1978-July 18. KABC  Sutton wins #200. Dodgers at Pirates (D.Robinson)
1978-July 18. WLW  Rose hits in 31 staright. Expos (Dues) at Reds (Seaver)
1978-July 20.  WLW Rose ties Hornsby by hitting in 3 3straght. Reds (Hume) at Reds (J.Kaat)
1978-July 20.  WIBS  Rangers (Alexander) at Royals (Leonarid)
1978-July 21. WJR  Gm.2 of DH. Angels (Frost) at Tigers (Billingham)
1978-July 22. WLW  Rose hits in 33 straight; Bench hits career homer 299. Reds(Norman) at Expos(Schatzeder)
1978-July 23. WSB  Braves (McWilliams) at Mets (Koosman)
1978-July 24. WLW. Rose ties Tommy Holmes's record at 37 straight. Reds (Moskau) at Mets (Zachry)
1978-July 25. WJR  A's (Renko) at Tigers (Wilcox)
1978-July 25. WGN  Cubs (R.Reuschel) at Dodgers (Rhoden)
1978-July 26. WWWE  "Lou..Lou..Lou" to the rescue. Indians (Waits) at Yanks (Beattie)
1978-July 27. WWWE  Gm.1 of DH.  Indians (Clyde) at Yanks (Figueroa)
1978-July 28. WWWE  Gm.2 of DH. Indians (Hood) at Yanks(Hunter) A VERY BIG TRIBE VICTORY!
1978-July 28. WLW  Gm.1 of DH. Rose ties Cobb at 40 straight. Phils (Lerch) at Reds (Norman)
1978-July 28. WWWE  A's (Broberg) at Indians (Freisleben George Sisler's record. Phils(Lonborg) at Reds (Moskau)
1978-July 30. WSB  Expos(Fryman) at Braves (Boggs)
1978-July 30. WMAQ  Game 1 of DH. Rangers (Comer) at Chisox (Wood)
1978-July 29. WLW  Rose hits in 42 straight to breakgs)
1978-July 31. WLW  Rose hits in 44 straight. Reds (LaCoss) at Braves (P.Niekro)
1978-Aug.4.  WLW  Padres (G.Perry) at Reds (Moskau)
1978-Aug.4.  KABC  Dodgers (Rau) at Giants (Blue)
1978-Aug.6.  WLW  Padres (R.Jones) at Reds (Norman)
1978-Aug.7   WGN  Pirates (Reuss) at Cubs (Krukow)
1978-Aug.7.  WLW  Braves (Mahler) at Reds (Seaver)
1978-Aug.8.  Jon Miller. Rangers (Mirabella) at Tigers (Rozema)
1978-Aug.9.  WLW. Braves (Boggs) at Reds (Moskau)
1978-Aug.9.  Jon Miller.  Rangers (Jenkins) at Tigers (Kip Young)
1978-Aug.9. WWWE  Indians (Wise) at Bosox (Lee)
1978-Aug.13. KABC  Giants (Montefusco) at Dodgers (Sutton)  (3)
1978-Aug.16. WWWE  Indians (Clyde) at Tigers (Billingham)
1978-Aug.17. WWWE  Indians (Freisleben) at Tigers (Slaton)
1978-Aug.18  WBAL   Orioles (McGregor) at Angels (Knapp)
1978-Aug.18  WLW  Reds (Norman) at Cubs (Roberts)
1978-Aug.20. WGN  Reds (LaCoss) at Cubs (Burris)
1978-Aug.21. KSFO  Giants (Blue) at Mets (Koosman)
1978-Aug.24  WMAQ  Royals (Splittorff) at White Sox (Proly)
1978-Aug.25. WIBW  Royals (Gale) at Rangers (Matlack)
1978-Aug.25. WLW  Cubs (R.Reuschel) at Reds (LaCoss)
1978-Aug.26. WMAQ  Indians (Clyde) at Chisox (Stone)
1978-Sept.1. WGN  A SLUGFEST. Astros (Richard) at Cubs (Krukow)  (3)
1978-Sept.1.  NY netw. Mariners (Mitchell) at Yanks (Hunter)
1978-Sept.3. NY netw. Mariners (Honeycutt) at Yanks (Beattie)
1978-Sept.4  NY netw. Gm.1 of DH. Guidry wins #20. Tigers(Wilcox) at Yankees
1978-Sept.4. NY netw. Gm.2 of DH. Tigers (Morris) at Yanks (Linblad)
1978-Sept.8. WLW  Padres (G.Perry) at Reds (LaCoss)
1978-Sept.10. NY netw. Game 4 of the "Boston Massacre"  Yanks(Figueroa) at Bosox(Sprowl)
1978-Sept.12. NY netw. Yanks (Tidrow) at Tigers (Young)
1978-Sept.15. Ned Martin & Jim Woods. Red Sox (Tiant) at Yankees (Guidry)
1978-Sept.7.  WGN  Phillies (Christenson) at Cubs (Lamp)
1978-Sept.26. NY netw. Yanks magic number falls to 4. Blue Jays(Underwood) at Yanks(Figueroa)
1978-Sept.28. NY netw. Guidry goes to 24-3 and breaks the Yankee single season strikeout record. Blue Jays at Yanks
1978-Sept.29. NY netw. Indians (Clyde) at Yanks (Beattie)
1978-Sept.30. KDKA  Phils (Lerch) at Pirates (D.Robinson)
1978-Oct.1. WIBW. Twins(Zahn) at Royals(Gura). Royals broadcasters wonder whom they'll play in the ALCS.
1978-Oct.1. Bos. netw. Bosox clinch a tie for the Division. Blue Jays(Kirkwood) at Bosox (Tiant)
1978-Oct.1. NY netw. Indians beat Yankees to force a one game playoff tomorrow at Fenway
1978-Oct.2. NY netw. The Yanks at Bosox tiebreaking game for the A.L.East Division. Up comes Bucky
                                 Dent and the forever Bosox-Yankee rivalry becomes "more forever."
1978-Oct.2. Bosox netw. The Yanks at Bosox tiebreaker for the A.L.East Division title.
1978-Gm.1 of ALCS. Ernie Harwell & Ned Martin. Yanks (Beattie) at Royals (Leonard)
1978-Gm.2 of ALCS. Harwell & Martin. Yanks (Figueroa) at Royals (Gura)
1978-Gm.3 of ALCS. Harwell & Martin. Royals (Splittorff) at Yanks (Hunter)
1978-Gm.4 of ALCS. NY netw. Royals(Leonard) at Yanks (Guidry)
1978-Gm.1 of NLCS. Jerry Coleman & Ralph Kiner. Dodgers (Hooton) at Phils (Christenson)
1978-Gm.2 of NLCS. Jerry Doggett & Ross Porter.  Dodgers(John) at Phils (Ruthven)
1978-Gm.3 of NLCS. Doggett & Porter.  Phils (Carlton) at Dodgers (Sutton)
1978-Gm.4 of NLCS. Coleman & Kiner. Phils (Lerch) at Dodgers (Rau)
1978-Gm.1 of WS.  Bill White,Ross Porter & Win Elliot. Yanks (Figueroa) at Dodgers (John)
1978-Gm.2 of WS.  White,Porter and Elliot. Yanks (Hunter) at Dodgers (Hooton)
1978-Gm.3 of WS.  Porter, White and Elliot.  Dodgers (Sutton) at Yanks (Guidry)
1978-Gm.4 of WS.  Porter, White & Elliot.  Dodgers (John) at Yanks(Figueroa)
1978-Gm.5 of WS. Porter, White & Elliot.  Dodgers (Hooton) at Yanks (Beattie)
1978-Gm.6 of WS. Porter, White & Elliot. Yanks (Hunter) at Dodgers (Sutton)
1979-Apr.5. WGN  Season Opener. Mets (Swan) at Cubs (R.Reuschel)
1979-Apr.6. KDKA. Expos(Rogers) at Pirates (Blyleven)  (3)
1979-Apr.7. NY netw. Brewers (Travers) at Yanks (Figueroa)
1979-Apr.8. NY netw. Tommy John's Yankee debut. Brewers(J.Martinez) at Yanks
1979-Apr.10. WLW  Reds (Norman) at Braves (P.Niekro)
1979-Apr.11. WWWE. Cleve.(Wilkins) at Rangers(Comer) Comer & Lyle combine to throw a one-hit shutout
1979-Apr.14. WMAQ. Yanks(Hunter) at Chisox(Kravec)
1979-Apr.14. NY netw. Yanks (Hunter) at Chisox(Kravec)
1979-Apr.15. NY netw. Gm.1 of DH. Phils (Ruthven) at Mets (Swan)
1979-Apr.15. NY netw. Yanks (Figueroa) at Chisox (Baumgarten)
1979-Apr.15. NY netw. Neil Allen's Met debut. Phils (Espinoza) at Mets
1979-Apr.18. NY netw. Orioles (D.Martinez) at Yanks (John)
1979-Apr.19. WLW. Seaver's 48th career shutout. Braves(P.Niekro) at Reds
1979-Apr.20. WGN. Expos (Rogers) at Cubs (McGlothen)
1979-Apr.20. NY netw. Rangers (Comer) at Yanks (Figueroa)
1979-Apr.22. NY netw. Rangers (Ellis) at Yanks (Guidry)
1979-Apr.22. NY netw. Mets (Falcone) at Phils (Carlton)
1979-Apr.24. NY netw. Mike Scott's ML debut. Giants (Blue) at Mets
1979-Apr.24. NY netw. Yanks(John) at A's (J.Johnson)
1979-Apr.25. NY netw. Minetto's only ML victory. Yanks (Figueroa) at A's (Minetto)
1979-May 1. KMOX  Astros (Richard) at Cards (Martinez) (3)
1979-May 2. WLW.  Cubs (R.Reuschel) at Reds (LaCoss)
1979-May 5. KMOX  Pirates (Blyleven) at Cards (B.Forsch)
1979-May 8. WGN   Reds (LaCoss) at Cubs (Holtzman)  (3)
1979-May 5. WGN  Braves (P.Niekro) at Cubs (Lamp)
1979-May 11. WWWE  Indians (Wise) at Twins (Hartzell)
1979-May 11. WLW  Reds (Bonham) at Pirates (Blyleven)
1979-May 13. WLW. Paul Blair's ML debut. Reds (LaCoss) at Pirates (Candelaria)
1979-May 14. WLW  Padres (Rasmussen) at Reds (Moskau)
1979-May 14. WJR   Tigers (Wilcox) at Yanks (Figueroa)
1979-May 15. WGN  Phillies (Espinoza) at  Cubs (McGlothen)
1979-May 17. WGN-TV audio. Phillies 23 at Cubs 22   (3)
1979-May 17.  WCAU.  Phillies 23 at Cubs 22   (3)
1979-June 1.  WGN. Giants (Nastu) at Cubs (R.Reuschel). Kingman hits 2 and knocks in 6
1979-June 6.  WGN  Padres (R.Jones) at Cubs (R.Reuschel)
1979-June 10.  NY netw.  Yahks (Tiant) at Royals (Mingori)
1979-June 11.  WLW  Reds (Norman) at Mets (Orosco)
1979-June 14.  WWWE  A's (Keough) at Indians (Barker)
1979-June 23. WJR  Gm.1 of DH  Tigers (Wilcox) at Orioles (McGregor)
1979-June 23. WJR  Gm.2 of DH. Tigers(Billingham) at Orioles (Palmer)
1979-June 24. WGN Cubs (R.Reuschel) at Pirates (Kison)
1979-June 24. KMOX  Mets (Hassler) at Cards (B.Forsch)
1979-June 24. WGN  Cubs (R.Reuschel) at Pirates (Kison)
1979-June 25. WGN  Phillies (Carlton) at Cubs (McGlothen)
1979-June 28. WWWE  Indians (Wise) at Orioles (D.Martinez)
1979-June 28. WJR  Bosox (Renko) at Tigers (Billingham)
1979-June 29. Bos. netw. Bosox (Torrez) at Yanks (Guidry)  (3)
1979-June 30. KMOX  Phils(Carlton) at Cards (Fulgham)
1979-June 30. WGN  Mets (Swan) at Cubs (R.Reuschel)   (3)
1979-July 3.   WWWE  Chisox (Kravec) at Indians (Wise)
1979-July 4.  WLW  Astros(Andujar) at Reds (Bonham)
1979-July 6.  WWWE  Twins(Hartzell) at Indians (Barker)
1979-July 10. WLW  Seaver breaks Cy Young's career K record. Cards (Fulgham) at Reds
1979 All Star Game from Seattle. Vin Scully, Jerry Coleman & Brent Musburger
1979-July 20. KMOX  Seaver's 50th career shuout. Reds at Cards (Denny)
1979-Aug.1. NY netw. Thurm Munson's last game. Yanks (Hood) at Chisox (Kravec)
1979-Aug.3.NY netw. Preceding the game, a memorial tribute to Munson. Orioles(McGregor) at Yanks(Tiant)
1979-Aug.5. Gene Elston. Braves (Solomon) at Astros (J.Kiekro)
1979-Aug.6. NY netw. Murcer goes 2 for 5 with a homer & 5 rbi. Orioles (D.Martinez) at Yanks (Guidry)
1979-Aug.7  WSB  Cubs(Reuschel) BOMB the Pirates (Rooker) at Wrigley
1979-Aug.8. WMAQ  Chisox (Trout) at Yanks (Tiant)
1979-Aug.12. KMOX  Cubs (McGlothen) at Cards (Fulgham)
1979-Aug.13. WGN  Cubs (Lamp) at Cards (Vukovich)  Lou Brock's 3,000th career hit
1979-Sept.1. WLW   Reds (Seaver) at Expos (D.Palmer)
1979-Sept.1. NY netw. Mets (Falcone) at Astros (Richard)
1979-Sept.1. KMPC  Angels (Barr) at Indians (Spillner)
1979-Sept.3. NY netw.  Bosox (Eckersley) at Yanks (Guidry)
1979-Sept.7. WBAL  Orioles (Palmer) at Bosox (Rainey)
1979-Sept.9. NY netw. Yanks (John) at Tigers (Chris)
1979-Sept.9. NY netw. Pirates (Kison) at Mets (Burris)
1979-Sept.12. WLW  Astros (J.Niekro) at Reds (LaCoss)
1979-Sept.12. Bos. netw. "Yaz's" 3,000th hit. Yanks (Beattie) at Bosox (Rainey)
1979-Sept.14. KMPC  Angels (Barr) at Brewers (Sorensen)  (3)
1979-Sept.20. WIBW  Angels (Barr) at Royals (Chamberlain)
1979-Sept.22. KDKA  Pirates (Kison) at Cubs (Riley)
1979-Sept.24. KMOX  Cards (Vukovich) at Phils (Lerch) Rose's 10th straight 200 hit season
1979-Sept.25. KMPC  Angels win their 1st Div. title. Royals(Chamberlain) at Angels (Tanana)
1979-Sept.25. KDKA  Expos (Sanderson) at Pirates (Rooker)  (3)
1979-Sept.26. KDKA. Bucs lower their magic number to 4. Expos(Rogers) at Pirates (Kison)
1979-Sept.26. WLW  Padres (R.Jones) at Reds (Seaver)
1979-Sept.30. KDKA. Pirates win the NL East. Cubs (McGlothen) at Pirates (Kison)
1979-Gm.1 of NLCS. Jack Buck & Jerry Coleman.  Pirates(Candelaria) at Reds (Seaver) (3)
1979-Gm.2 of NLCS. Buck and Coleman. Pirates (Bibby) at Reds (Pastore)  (3)
1979-Gm.3 of NLCS. KDKA  Reds (LaCoss) at Pirates (Blyleven)
1979-Gm.3 of NLCS. Buck & Coleman. Reds (LaCoss) at Pirates (Blyleven)
1979-Gm.1 of ALCS. Ernie Harwell & Bill White.  Angels (Ryan) at Orioles (Palmer)
1979-Gm.2 of ALCS. Harwell & White. Angels (Frost) at Orioles (Flanagan)
1979-Gm.3 of ALCS. Harwell & White. Orioles (D.Martinez) at Angels (Tanana)
1979-Gm.4 of ALCS. Harwell & White. Orioles (McGregor) at Angels (Knapp)
1979-Gm.1 of WS.  Vin Scully and Sparky Anderson. Pirates (Kison) at Orioles (Flanagan)
1979-Gm.2 of WS.  Scully & Anderson.  Pirates (Blyleven) at Orioles (Palmer)
1979-Gm.3 of WS.  Scully & Anderson.  Orioles (McGregor) at Pirates (Candelaria)
1979-Gm.4 of WS. Scully & Anderson.  Orioles (D.Martinez) at Orioles (Bibby)  (3)
1979-Gm.5 of WS.  Scully & Anderson   Orioles (Flanagan) at Pirates (Rooker)
1979-Gm.6 of WS.  Scully & Anderson   Pirates (Candelaria) at Orioles (Palmer)
1979-Gm.7 of WS.  Scully & Anderson  Pirates (Bibby) at Orioles (McGregor)
1980-Apr.18. WBBM  White Sox (Dotson) at Orioles (D. Ford)
1980-Apr.22.  WGN-TV Jack Brickhouse  Cards (B.Forsch) at Cubs (Lamp) in a near 30 run game.
1980-Apr.27.  WLW.  Reds (Pastore) at Giants (Whitson)
1980-Apr.29.  WWWE  Brewers (Travers) at Indians (Owchinko)
1980-Apr.30.  KYW  Phillies (Lerch)  at Mets (Bomback)
1980-Apr.30.  WLW  Astros (Richard) at Reds (Seaver)
1980-May 3. KNBR   Giants(Whitson) at Expos (Sanderson). Willie McCovey hits his last home run. # 521
1980-May 3.  KYW.  Dodgers (Hooton) at Phillies (Christenson)
1980-May 4.  KNBR  Gm.1 of DH. Giants (Montefusco) at Expos (Rogers)
1980-May 5. WLW   Reds (Seaver) at Mets (Bomback)
1980-May 12.  WGN  Cubs (R.Reuschel) at Dodgers (Sutton)
1980-May 20.  NY netw.  Yanks (John) at Tigers (P.Underwood)
1980-May 22.  NY netw.  Yanks (Griffin) at Blue Jays (Stieb)
1980-May 28.  KYW  Pirates (D.Robinson) at Phils (Lerch)
1980-June 8.  WJR  Tigers (Petry) at Brewers (Travers)
1980-June 8.  KYW  Cubs (McGlothen) at Phillies (Ruthven)
1980-June 9.  NY netw.  Yanks (Griffin) at Angels (A.Martinez)  (3)
1980-June 13. KYW. Padres (Jones) at Phillies (Ruthven)
1980-June 22.  KABC  Mets (Pacella) at Dodgers (Goltz)
1980-July 3. WWWE  Yanks (Underwood) at Indians (Garland)
1980-July 4. WWWE   Yanks (Guidry) at Indians (Barker)
1980-July 5. WWWE   Yanks (John) at Indians (Spillner)
1980 All Star Game from Dodger Stadium. Vin Scully & Brent Musburger
1980-Aug.17. Chuck Thompson  Yanks (Tiant) at Orioles (McGregor)
1980-Aug.18. Chuck Thompson  Yanks (Guidry) at  Orioles (Palmer)
1980-Aug.24. KYW  Giants (Knepper) at Phillies (Ruthven)
1980-Aug.26. KYW. Rose passes Tris Speaker to become #4 on career base hits. Dodgers(Sutcliffe) at Phils (Walk)
1980-Sept.3.  KYW  Phils (Ruthven) at Giants (Ripley)
1980-Sept.5.  Chuck Thompson  A's (Norris) at Orioles (McGregor)
1980-Sept.19. Chuck Thompson  Blue Jays (Todd) at Orioles (Palmer)  (3)
1980-Oct.2.  KNBR  Dodgers (Goltz) at Giants (Blue)
1980-Oct.3. KYW. Phils lower their magic number to 2. Phils(Ruthven) at Expos (Sanderson)
1980-Oct.5. KPRC  Dodgers(Hooton) beat Astros (Ruhle) to force a one game playoff tomorrow. (3)
1980-Oct.6. Lindsey Nelson & Jerry Coleman  Astros(J.Niekro) beat Dodgers(Goltz) to win the NL West
1980-Gm.1 of NLCS. Jack Buck & Jerry Coleman  Astros(K.Forsch) at Phillies (Carlton)
1980-Gm.2 of NLCS. Buck & Coleman  Astros (Ryan) at Phillies (Ruthven)  (3)
1980-Gm.3 of NLCS  Buck & Coleman   Phillies (Christenson) at Astros (J.Niekro) (3)
1980-Gm.4 of NLCS. Buck & Coleman   Phils (Carlton) at  Astros (Ruhle)  (3)
1980-Gm.5 of NLCS. Buck & Coleman   Phils (Bystrom) at Astros (Ryan)  (3)
1980-Gm.1 of ALCS. Ernie Harwell & Curt Gowdy. Yanks (Guidry) at Royals (Gura)
1980-Gm.2 of ALCS. Harwell & Gowdy. Yanks (May) at Royals (Leonard)
1980-Gm.3 of ALCS. WDAF-TV. Al Wisk & Denny Trease. In NY, the Royals win the pennant as George Brett's home run SHOCKS the Yankees.
 1980-Gm.1 of WS. Vin Scully & Sparky Anderson.  Royals (Leonard) at Phillies (Walk)
1980-Gm.2 of WS. Scully & Anderson  Royals (Gura) at Phils (Carlton)
1980-Gm.3 of WS. Scully & Andserson   Phils (Ruthven) at Royals (Gale)
1980-Gm.4 of WS. Scully & Anderson   Phils (Christenson) at Royals (Leonard)
1980-Gm.5 of WS. Scully & Anderson  Phillies (Bystrom) at Royals (Gura)
1980-Gm.6 of WS. Scully & Anderson. Royals(Gale) at Phils (Carlton). Phillies win their first World Series
1981-Apr.9. WCCO. The last season opener at Metropolitan Stadium. A's (Norris) at Twins (Koosman)
1981-Apr.14. WWWE  Rangers' home opener.  Indians (Waits) at Rangers (Matlack)
1981-Apr.15. WGN   Cubs (R.Reuschel) at Expos (Rogers)
1981-Apr.18.  WBBM  Bosox (Tanana) at Chisox (Trout)
1981-Apr.18.  WSB  Giants (T.Griffin) at Braves (Montefusco)
1981-Apr.21. WBBM  Orioles (Palmer) at Chisox (Burns)
1981-Apr.22.  KABC  Dodgers (Valenzuela) at Astros (Sutton)
1981-Apr.23.  KFMB  Padres (Wise) at Dodgers (Sutcliffe)
1981-Apr.23. WBBM  Gm.1 of DH  Orioles (McGregor) at Chisox (Dotson). The Chisox win BIG!
1981-Apr.24. KFMB  Padres (J.Curtis) at Dodgers (Welch)
1981-Apr.25. KFMB  Padres (Mura) at Dodgers (Hooton)
1981-Apr.26. KFMB  Padres (Eichelberger) at Dodgers (Reuss)
1981-Apr.26. WSB  Gm.2 of DH.  Braves (Boggs) at Giants (Whitson)
1981-May 8. KABC  Valenzuela wins 7th straight. Dodgers (Valenzuela) at Mets (Scott)
1981-May 15. WWWE  Indians' Len Barker's perfect game against the Blue Jays
1981-May 16  KABC   Mets (D.Roberts) at Dodgers (Hooton)
1981-May 16. WSB   Cards (S.Martinez) at Braves (Boggs)
1981-May 17. WBBM   Rangers (Honeycutt) at Chisox (Baumgarten)
1981-May 18. KABC  Valenzuela's 1st ML loss.  Phillies (Bystrom) at Dodgers (Valenzuela)
1981-May 24. WLW  Gm.1 of DH.  Dodgers (Welch) at Reds (Seaver)
1981-June 10. WLW  Reds (Soto) at Mets (R.Jones)
1981-June 11. WLW  Reds (Seaver) at Mets (Zachry)
1981-June 29. Bill White and Phil Rizzuto. Columbus Clippers at Pawsox with Wade Boggs
1981-July 1.    Bill White and Phil Rizzuto. Charlestown Charlies at Columbus Clippers
1981 All Star Game from Cleveland. Vin Scully, Herb Score and Win Elliot
1981-Aug.10. WLW. 1st reg. season game after the strike. Reds (Pastore) at Dodgers (Reuss)
1981-Aug.11. WGN  Mets (Zachry) at Cubs (Martz)
1981-Aug.15. WLW  Giants Alexander) at Reds (Pastore)
1981-Aug.16. WLW  Giants (T.Griffin) at Reds (Soto)
1981-Aug.18. WLW. The battle of 2 future Hall of Famers. Phils (Carlton) at Reds (Seaver)
1981-Aug.22.  WLW  Mets (Falcone) at Reds (Pastore)
1981-Aug.30.  WLW  Reds (Moskau) at Mets (G.Harris)
1981-Sept.9.   WGN.  Cubs (Krukow) at Cards (J.Martin)
1981-Sept.26. KRIV-TV audio. Ryan's 5th no-hitter  Dodgers (Power) at Astros (Ryan)
1981-Sept.29. Jon Miller & Ken Coleman  Bosox (Torrez) at Brewers (Slaton)
1981-Game 3 of ALDS. Royals (Gura) at A's (Langford). A's move on to the ALCS v. Yankees
1981-Gm.1 of NL East Division Playoffs. Jack Buck & Joe Torre. Phils(Carlton) at Expos(Rogers)
1981-Gm.3 of NL East Div.Playoffs. Jack Buck & Joe Torre. Expos(Burris) at Phils (Christenson)
1981-Gm.5 of NL East Div.Playoffs. Mont. netw. Expos(Rogers) at Phillies (Carlton)
1981-Gm.1 of AL East Div. Playoffs. Harwell & Gowdy. Yanks (Guidry) at Brewers(Haas)
1981-Gm.2 of AL East Div. Playoffs. Harwell & Gowdy. Yanks (Righetti) at Brewers (Caldwell)
1981-Gm.4 of AL East. Div.Playoffs. Ernie Harwell & Curt Gowdy. Brewers(Vuckovich) at Yanks(R.Reuschel)
1981-Gm.5 of AL East Div.Playoffs. Harwell & Gowdy. Brewers(Haas) at Yanks (Guidry)
1981-Gm.5 of NL East Div.Playoffs. Expos netw. Expos win the Division. Expos (Rogers) at Phils (Carlton)
1981-Gm.1 of NL West Div.PLayoffs. Ross Porter & Jerry Doggett. Dodgers(Valenzuela) at Astros (Ryan)
1981-Gm.2 of NL West Div. Playoffs. Porter & Doggett. Dodgers (Reuss) at Astros(J.Niekro)  (3)
1981-Gm.4 of NL Western Div. Playoffs  KABC  Astros (Ruhle) at Dodgers (Valenzuela)
1981-Gm.5 of NL Western Div. Playoffs  KABC  Astros (Ryan) at Dodgers (Reuss). Dodgers win the Division
1981-Gm.1 of NLCS. Jack Buck & Jerry Coleman  Expos(Gullickson) at Dodgers (Hooton)
1981-Gm.2 of NLCS  Buck & Coleman   Expos (Burris) at Dodgers (Valenzuela)
1981-Gm.3 of NLCS  Buck & Coleman   Dodgers (Reuss) at Expos (Rogers)
1981-Gm.4 of NLCS  Buck & Coleman   Dodgers (Welch) at Expos (Gullickson)
1981-Gm.5 of NLCS Vin Scully & Jerry Doggett on KABC. Dodgers(Valenzuela) at Expos(Burris)  Dodgers win pennant.
1981-Gm.5 of NLCS  Jerry Coleman & Stu Nahan   Dodgers(Valenzuela) at Expos(Burris) Dodgers win pennant
1981-Gm.1 of ALCS  Ernie Harwell & Curt Gowdy   A's (Norris) at Yanks (John)
1981-Gm.2 of ALCS  Harwell & Gowdy  A's (McCatty) at Yanks (May)
1981-Gm.3 of ALCS. Harwell & Gowdy  Yanks (Righetti) at A's (Keough)
1981-Gm.1 of WS.  Vin Scully & Sparky Anderson    Dodgers (Reuss) at Yanks (Guidry)
1981-Gm.2 of WS.  Scully & Anderson     Dodgers (Hooton) at Yanks (John)
1981-Gm.3 of WS.  Scully & Anderson     Yanks (Righetti) at Dodgers (Valenzuela)
1981-Gm.4 of WS. Scully & Anderson   Yanks (R.Reuschel) at Dodgers (Welch)
1981-Gm.5 of WS  Scully & Andserson  Yanks (Guidry) at Dodgers (Reuss)
1981-Gm.6 of WS. Scully & Anderson   Dodgers (Hooton) at Yanks (John)
1982-Apr.5. WGN-TV The debuts of Harry Caray & Ryne Sandberg. Cubs (Bird) at Reds (Soto)
1982-Apr.6. WCCO  The Metrodome Opener.  Mariners (Bannister) at Twins (Redfern)
1982-Apr.8.  WCAU  George Foster's Met debut. Mets (R.Jones) at Phillies (Carlton)
1982-Apr.9.  WCAU   Expos (Rogers) at Phils (Christenson)
1982-Apr.12. WLW  Phils win 6th straight from season's outset. Braves (Walk) at Phils (Berenyi)
1982-Apr.16. NY netw.  Yanks (Guidry) at Tigers (Underwood)
1982-Apr.17. NY netw.  Yanks (John) at Tigers (Morris)
1982-Apr.17. WCAU  Phils (Carlton) at Cards (Andujar)
1982-Apr.17. NY netw.  Expos (Burris) at Mets (Swan)
1982-Apr.18. NY netw.  Expos(Lea) at Mets (R.Jones)
1982-Apr.18. WLW  Reds (Seaver) at Giants (Fowlkes)
1982-Apr.21.  WLW  Reds (Soto) at Braves (Mahler)
1982-Apr.22   WLW  Reds (Berenyi) at Braves (Walk)
1982-Apr.23.  WCAU  Cards (B.Forsch) at Phils (Krukow)
1982-Apr.28.  WCAU  Pete Rose ties Max Carey with his 9th career 5-for-5 game. Phils(Krukow) at Dodgers(Welch)
1982-Apr.29. WCAU  Burt Hooton one-hits the Phils at Dodger Stadium
1982-Apr.30  NY netw. Gaylord Perry wins #299. Mariners (Perry) at Yanks (Alexander)
1982-Apr.30  WLW  Cardinals (Andujar) at Reds (Pastore)
1982-May 1  WLW  Cardinals (Rincon) at Reds (Soto)
1982-May2  WCAU  Phillies (Krukow) at Padres (John Curtis)
1982-May 3. WLW. Benefit Game. Tigers (Underwood) at Reds (Shirley)
1982-May 3.  WCAU  Phils (Ruthven) at Giants (Fowlkes)
1982-May 4.  WCAU  Phils (Carlton) at Giants (Gale)
1982-May 6.  NY netw. Gaylord Perry wins #300. Yanks (Alexander) at Mariners (Perry)
1982-May 13. WLW. The perfect game for a Reds' fan. Reds (Berenyi) at Pirates (Candelaria)
1982-May 17. WLW  Reds (Leibrandt) at Mets (Falcone)
1982-June 4.  WLW   Mets (Scott) at Reds (Seaver)
1982-June 8.  WGN.  The Cubs lose their 9th straight. Cubs (Filer) at Phils (Bystrom)
1982-June 11. KABC. The Dodgers' Jerry Reuss one-hits the Reds at Dodger Stadium
1982-June 13. WLW  Reds (Berenyi) at Dodgers (Hooton)
1982-June 21.  WMAQ  Twins (A.Williams) at Chisox (Burns)
1982 All Star Game from Montreal. Vin Scully & Brent Musburger
1982-July 20. WSB  Braves (Mahler) at Cards (Stuper)
1982-Aug.22. Bill King, Lon Simmons & Wayne Hagin. Bosox (Denman) at A's (Langford)
1982-Sept.18. WCAU  Pirates (D.Robinson) at Phils (Christenson)
1982-Sept.21. WCAU  Phils (Carlton) at Cards (Rasmussen)
1982-Sept.21. KMPC  Royals (Leonard) at Angels (K.Forsch)
1982-Sept.27. KMOX  Cards clinch NL East. Cards (LaPoint) at Expos (Gullickson)
1982-Sept.27. WCAU  Cubs (Martz) at Phils (Bystrom)
1982-Sept.28. WCAU  Cubs (D.Bird) at Phils (Christenson)
1982-Oct.1.  WCAU  Mets' Terry Leach one-hits the Phillies
1982-Oct.1  WSB  Braves clinch a tie for the NL West. Braves (P.Niekro) at Padres (Show)
1982-Oct.2. Chuck Thompson. It was a must win game for the Birds and they did. Brewers (Medich) at Orioles (McGregor)
1982-Oct.2. KMPC  Angels clinch the AL West. Rangers (Hough) at Angels (K.Forsch)
1982-Oct.3. KABC. Giants knock Dodgers out of Division race by virtue of Joe Morgan's 7th inn. home run
1982-Gm.1 of ALCS. Ernie Harwell & Denny Matthews. Brewers(Caldwell) at Angels (John)
1982-Gm.2 of ALCS. Harwell & Matthews. Brewers (Vuckovich) at Angels (Kison)
1982-Gm.3 of ALCS. Harwell & Matthews  Angels (Zahn) at Brewers (Sutton)
1982-Gm.4 of ALCS. Harwell & Matthews. Angels (John) at Brewers (Haas)
1982-Gm.5 of ALCS  Bob Starr & Ron Fairly  Angels (Kison) at Brewers (Vuckovich)
1982-Gm.1 of NLCS  Jack Buck & Jerry Coleman. Braves (Perez) at Cards (B.Forsch)
1982-Gm.2 of NLCS  WSB  Braves (P.Niekro) at Cards (Stuper)
1982-Gm.3 of NLCS  Buck & Coleman  Cards (Andujar) at Braves (Camp)
1982-Gm.1 of WS.  Vin Scully & Sparky Anderson.  Brewers(Caldwell) at Cards (B.Forsch)
1982-Gm.2 of WS.  Scully & Anderson.   Brewers(Sutton) at Cards (Stuper)
1982-Gm.3 of WS.  Scully & Anderson.   Cards (Andujar) at Brewers (Vuckovich)
1982-Gm.4 of WS.  Scully & Anderson.  Cards (LaPoint) at Brewers (Haas)
1982-Gm.5 of WS.  Scully & Anderson.   Cards (B.Forsch)  at Brewers (Caldwell)
1982-Gm.6 of WS.  Scully & Anderson.   Brewers (Sutton) at Cards (Stuper)
1982-Gm.7 of WS.  Scully & Anderson.   Brewers (Vuckovich) at Cards (Andujar)
1983-Apr.29. Dan Lovallo.  Lynchburg Mets (Dwight Gooden) at Kinston Blue Jays (Gilliam)
1983-July 4.  NY netw.  Yankees' Dave Righetti no-hits the Bosox at Yankee Stadium
1983-July 11. KABC. Cards (B.Forsch) at Dodgers (Valenzuela). Dusty Baker shocks the Redbirds!
1983 All Star Game at Comiskey Park. Brent Musburger, Duke Snider and Brooks Robinson
1983-Aug.7.  WMAQ  Chisox (Hoyt) at Orioles (Flanagan)
1983-Aug.17. WMAQ  Chisox (Hoyt) at Yanks (Shirley)  (3)
1983-Aug.21. WCAU   Phils (Gross) at Dodgers (Honeycutt). Honeycutt's 1st ML victory
1983-Aug.21. WMAQ  Chisox (Bannister) at Rangers (Butcher)
1983-Sept.5.  WMAQ  A's (Conroy) at Chisox (Bannister)
1983-Sept.9. WMAQ   Angels (John) at Chisox (Burns). Sox lower their magic number to 8
1983-Sept.11. KABC   The Dodgers shock the Braves in the last of the 9th. A BIG shock!  (3)
1983-Sept.11.  WMAQ  Chisox(Hoyt) beat Angels (K.Forsch) to lower their magic number to 4

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