Baseball Game page #4

1987-July 22. KMOX  Cards(Mathews) at Dodgers(Welch). Jack Clark lowers the "boom!"
1987-Aug.3. WCCO. "The Emory Board" game. Twins(J.Niekro) at Angels(Witt)
1987-Aug.16. WGN.  The Mets score the most runs in a single game in their franchise history.  A 30+ run game at the "friendly confines" on Chicago's North Side.
1987-Sept.12. KMOX. Vince Coleman's 3rd straight year for stealing 100 bases. Cards(Mathews)
                               at Mets (Gooden)
1987-Sept.13. WCCO  Twins(Blyleven) at Indians (Candiotti)
1987-Sept.19. WCCO. Indians(Candiotti) at Twins (Viola)
1987-Sept.20. WCCO  Twins magic number falls to ten. Indians(Yett) at Twins(Straker)
1987-Sept.22. WCCO  Rangers(G.Harris) at Twins (J.Niekro)
1987-Sept.23. WCCO  Twins magic number falls to 8. Rangers(Guzman) at Twins (Blyleven)
1987-Sept.24. WCCO. Rangers(Hough) at Twins (Viola)
1987-Sept.27. WCCO  Twins clinch a tie for the AL West. Royals(Leibrandt) at Twins (Blyleven)
1987-Sept.28. WCCO  Twins clinch the AL West. Twins(J.Niekro) at Rangers(Guzman)
1987-Sept.29. KMOX  Gm.1 of DH. Expos(D.Martinez) at Cards (Magrane)
1987-Sept.29. NY netw. Mattingly's 6th grand slam in '87. Bosox(Hurst) at Yanks (Hudson)
1987-Oct.1.  KMOX  Cards clinch the NL East. Expos(Tibbs) at Cards (Cox)
1987-Oct.4.  WMAQ. Reggie Jackson's last game. A's(Stewart) at Chisox(Bannister)
1987-Oct.4.  WJR.  Tigers clinch the AL East. Blue Jays(Key) at Tigers (Tanana)
                             Herndon's early inning home run is missing. Ernie talks about it.
1987-Gm.1 of NLCS. Dick Stockton & Johnny Bench. Giants(R.Reuschel) at Cards (Mathews)
1987-Gm.2 of NLCS. Jack Buck & Mike Shannon. Giants(Dravecky) at Cards (Tudor)
1987-Gm.3 of NLCS. Stockton & Bench. Cards (Magrane) at Giants (Hammaker)
1987-Gm.4 of NLCS. Buck & Shannon. Cards (Cox) at Giants (Krukow)
1987-Gm.5 of NLCS. Stockton & Bench.  Cards (B.Forsch) at Giants (R.Reuschel)
1987-Gm.6 of NLCS. Stockton & Bench. Giants (Dravecky) at Cards (Tudor)
1987-Gm.7 of NLCS. Stockton & Bench. Giants (Hammaker) at Cards (Cox)
1987-Gm.1 of ALCS. Bill White & Brent Musburger. Tigers(Alexander) at Twins(Viola)
1987-Gm.2 of ALCS. White & Musburger. Tigers (Morris) at Twins (Blyleven)
1987-Gm.3 of ALCS. Herb Carneal & John Gordon. Twins(Straker) at Tigers (Terrell)  (3)
1987-Gm.4 of ALCS  Carneal & Gordon.  Twins (Viola) at Tigers (Tanana)
1987-Gm.5 of ALCS. Carneal & Gordon.  Twins (Blyleven) at Tigers (Alexander)
1987-Gm.1 of WS.    Jack Buck & Bill White.  Cards(Magrane) at Twins (Viola)
1987-Gm.2 of WS.    Herb Carneal & John Gordon.  Cards (Cox) at Twins (Blyleven)
1987-Gm.3 of WS.   Buck & White.  Twins(Straker) at Cards (Tudor)
1987-Gm.4 of WS    Buck & White.  Twins (Viola) at Cards (Mathews)
1987-Gm.5 of WS.   Buck & White.  Twins (Blyleven) at Cards (Cox)
1987-Gm.6 of WS.   Buck & White.  Cards (Tudor) at Twins (Straker)
1987-Gm.7 of WS   Carneal & Gordon.  Cards (Magrane) at Twins (Viola)
1988-Apr.9.  NY netw. Hank Greenwald & Tommy Hutton. Best NYY start since 1933. Milw.(Wegman) at NYY(Leiter)
1988-Apr.12. NY netw. Shea Stadium's 25th Anniversary. Expos (P.Perez) at Mets (Darling)
1988-Apr.10. NY netw. NY netw. Brewers (Higuera) at Yanks (John)
1988-Apr.13. NY netw. Yanks (Dotson) at Blue Jays (Stieb)
1988-Apr.14. NY netw. Expos (D.Martinez) at Mets (Ojeda)
1988-Apr.15. NY netw. Jack Clark's Yankee debut. Yanks (John) at Brewers (Birkbeck)
1988-Apr.17. NY netw. Yanks (Candelaria) at Brewers (Higuera)
1988-Apr.20. NY netw. Claudell Washington hits the Yanks' 10,000th franchise home run. Yanks at Brewers. (3)
1988-Apr.20. Jon Miller. Orioles lose their 14th straight from season's outset. O's (Boddicker) at Brewers (Wegman)
1988-Apr.20. NY netw. Mike Schmidt hits career home run # 533.  Phillies (Rawley) at Mets (Gooden)
1988-Apr.23. WCCO. Steve Carlton's ML finale. Indians (J.Farrell) at Twins (Carlton)
1988-Apr.24. NY netw. Mackey Sasser's 1st ML game. Mets (Ojeda) at Cards (Cox)
1988-Apr.26. NY netw. Royals (Leibrandt) at Yankees (Leiter)
1988-Apr.28. WBAL. Orioles lose a record breaking 21 straight from season's outset. O's(Boddicker) at Twins(Anderson)
1988-Apr.29. WBAL. The Orioles 1st win in '88 after 21 straight losses. Orioles(Williamson) ar Chisox (J.McDowell)
1988-Apr.29. NY netw. The Yanks win their 15th game in April for the 1st time. Rangers (Hough) at Yanks(Candelaria)
1988-Apr.30. WLW  "The Notorious Rose v. Pallone Incident" that nearly cost Brennaman and Nuxhall their jobs. 
                                Mets (Ojeda) at Reds (Browning).
1988-Apr.30. NY TV audio. "Scooter" & Bill White. Winfield breaks A.L.record for rbi in April. Rangers (Witt) at Yanks (Dotson)
1988-May 3. NY netw. Strawberry sets club record with his 155th homer. Braves (P.Smith) at Mets (Cone)
1988-May 4. NY netw. Astros (Darwin) at Mets (Fernandez)
1988-May 7. NY netw. Reds (Soto) at Mets (Darling)
1988-May 14. NY netw. Angels (Petry) at Yankees (John)
1988-May 15. NY netw. Angels (Finley) at Yanks (Hudson)
1988-May 16. NY netw.  Mariners(M.Moore) at Yanks (Candelaria)
1988-May 22. NY netw. Guerrero throws bat at Cone---bench clearing brawl. Mets(Cone) at Dodgers (Valenzuela)
1988-May 22. NY netw. Candelaria fans 13 and tosses a two hitter. A's (Davis)at Yankees (Candelaria)
1988-May 25. NY netw.  Giants (LaCoss) at Mets (Darling)
1988-May 29. NY netw.  Padres (J.Jones) at Mets (Ojeda)
1988-June 5. NY netw.  Gooden goes 9-1. Cubs (Pico) at Mets (Gooden)
1988-June 10. WCAU. A 20+ run slugfest. Phillies (Rawley) at Pirates (Drabek)
1988-June 12. NY netw. Orioles (Tibbs) at Yanks (John)
1988-June 17. NY netw.  Yanks (Candelaria) at Indians (J.Farrell)
1988-June 18. NY netw. Yanks (Rhoden) at Indians (Bailes)
1988-June 23. NY netw. Billy is fired. Piniella takes over for the 2nd time. Indians(Bailes) at Yanks (Rhoden)
1988-June 26. NY netw. Mets (Darling) at Cubs (Pico)
1988-June 30. NY netw. Astros (Darwin) at Mets (Ojeda)
1988-July 1.  NY netw. Gm. 1 of DH. Astros (Andujar) at Mets (Darling)
1988-July 2. NY netw. Yankees (Candelaria) at Chisox (Reuss)
1988-July 6. NY netw. Reds (J.Armstrong) at Mets (Darling)
1988-July 9. KMOX. THE WORST LOSS EVER SUSTAINED BY THE CARDINALS. In SF, the Giants win 21-2 and hit their 10,000th franchise home run.  (3)
 1988 All Star Game from Cincinnati. Brent Musberger and Johnny Bench
1988-July 15. NY netw. Chisox (McDowell) at Yanks (Rhoden)
1988-July 16.NY netw. 40 yr. old Jose Cruz's pinch grand slam! Chisox (M.Perez) at Yanks (John)
1988-July.17. WABC. White Sox (LaPoint) at Yankees (Guidry)
1988-July 18. NY netw. Rangers (Kilgus) at Yanks (Dotson)
1988-July 21.NY netw. Rickey Henderson ties the ML record for leadoff homers. Yanks(Rhoden) at KC(Gubicza)
1988-July 23. NY netw. John Smoltz's 1st ML start. Braves (Smoltz) at Mets (Ojeda)
1988-July 25. NY netw. Brewers(Higuera) at Yankees (Candelaria)
1988-July 27. NY netw. Tommy John makes 3 errors on the same play as the Yankees bomb the Brewers
1988-July 30. NY netw. Yanks (Candelaria) at Blue Jays (Flanagan)
1988-July 31. NY netw. Pirates (Walk) at Mets (Darling)
1988-Aug.8.  NY netw. Rick Reed's 1st ML start. Mets (Ojeda) at Pirates (Reed)
1988-Aug.9   NY netw. Blue Jays (Flanagan) at Yankees (Candelaria)
1988-Aug.8. WGN. The first night game at Wrigley. Phils at Cubs. There's a rainout after a few innings but Harry's at his best amid the excitement, interviews etc.
1988-Aug.9. WGN.The first OFFICIAL Wrigley Field night game. Mets (Fernandez) at Cubs (Mike Bielecki)
1988-Aug.23 WABC, NYY netw. A's (Welch) at Yankees (John)
1988-Aug.13. WABC  In Minnesota, the Twins (Roy Smith) blast the Yankees (Dotson)
1988-Aug.24. NY netw. Yanks rally for 5 in bottom of 9th to win it. A's (Stewart) at Yanks (Candelaria).
1988-Aug.30. NY netw. The Mets' 19th shutout in '88. Padres (D.Rasmussen) at Mets (Ojeda)
1988-Sept.3. NY netw. THE BRAWL BY THE BAY IN THE A's 8th. Yanks(Guidry) at A's (Welch)
1988-Sept.5. NY netw. Cone goes to 15-3. Mets (Cone) at Pirates (LaPoint)
1988-Sept.5  NY netw. Indians (Candiotti) at Yanks (Rhoden)
1988-Sept.9.  NY netw.  Tigers (Terrell) at Yankees (Dotson). Claudell sends everyone home!
1988-Sept.10. NY netw. Winfield's 7th 100 rbi season. Tigers (Morris) at Yanks (Rhoden)
1988-Sept.11. NY netw. Mets' 22nd shutout in '88. Mets (Ojeda) at Expos (D.Martinez)
1988-Sept.12. NY netw. Mets' magic number drops to 10. Pirates (Drabek) at Mets (Darling)
1988-Sept.13. WABC. Hank Greenwald & Tommy Hutton. Yankees (Guidry) at Indians (Rod Nichols)
1988-Sept.14. NY netw. Yanks (Dotson) at Indians (Yett)
1988-Sept.15. NY netw. Yanks (Rhoden) at Bosox (Clemens)
1988-Sept.16. WLW  Tom Browning's perfect game. Dodgers (Belcher) at Reds
1988-Sept.17. NY netw. Mets' magic number falls to 5. Expos (Bryn Smith) at Mets (Darling)
1988-Sept.18  NY netw. Mets' magic number falls to 4. Espos (P.Perez) at Mets (Gooden)
1988-Sept.18. NY netw. Yanks (Guidry) at Bosox (Smithson)
1988-Sept.19. Bill King & Lon Simmons. A's clinch AL West. Twins (Toliver) at A's (D.Stewart)
1988-Sept. 19. WABC. Orioles (Harnisch) at  Yankees ( Dotson).   (3)
1988-Sept.20. Bos. netw. Boggs gets his 200th hit in 6 straight seasons. Bosox( Clemens) at Tor. (Musselman)
1988-Sept.20. NY netw. Orioles (J.Bautista) at Yankees (Rhoden)
1988-Sept.21. WJR Darrell Evans's 400th career home run. Indians (Candioti) at Tigers (Alexander)
1988-Sept.21. NY netw. Mets clinch tie for NL East. Phillies (Freeman) at Mets (Fernandez)
1988-Sept.22  NY netw. Mets clinch the NL East. Phillies (Carman) at Mets (Darling)
1988-Sept.24. WABC. THE PERFECT GAME for any Yankee fan. Bosox(Boddicker) @ Yanks(Dotson) (3)
1988-Sept.25. NY netw. Bosox (Clemens) at Yanks (Rhoden). Yanks set their best home attendance mark.
1988-Sept.26. KABC  Dodgers clinch the NL West. Dodgers (Valenzuela) at Padres (D.Rasmussen)

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