Baseball Game page #5

1988-Sept.27. NY netw. Mattingly hits 2. Yankees (Guidry) at Orioles (Curt Schilling). Guidry's last MLB game.
1988-Sept.28. KABC. Versus SD, Hershisher breaks Drysdale's scoreless inning streak  (3)
1988-Oct.1. NY netw. Tommy John's Yankee finale. Yanks (John) at Tigers (Alexander)
1988-Gm.1 of NLCS. NY netw. Mets (Gooden) at Dodgers (Hershiser)
1988-Gm.2 of NLCS. Jerry Coleman & Brent Musburger. Mets (Cone) at Dodgers (Belcher)
1988-Gm.3 of NLCS. NY netw. Dodgers (Hershiser) at Mets (Darling)  (3)
1988-Gm.4 of NLCS. Vin Scully,Don Drysdale & Ross Porter  Dodgers (Tudor) at Mets (Gooden) (3)
1988-Gm.5 of NLCS. NY netw. Dodgers (Belcher) at Mets (Fernandez)
1988-Gm.5 of NLCS  KABC with Vin Scully & Don Drysdale. Dodgers(Belcher) beat Mets(Fernandez) at Shea Stadium
1988-Gm.6 of NLCS. NY netw. Mets (Cone) at Dodgers (Leary)
1988-Gm.7 of NLCS. Coleman & Musburger. Mets (Darling) at Dodgers (Hershiser)
1988-Gm.1 of ALCS. Dick Stockton & Johnny Bench. A's (Stewart) at Bosox(Hurst)
1988-Gm.2 of ALCS  Stockton & Bench.  A's (S.Davis) at Bosox (Clemens)
1988-Gm.3 of ALCS. John Rooney & Johnny Bench. Bosox (Boddicker) at A's (Welch)
1988-Gm.4 of ALCS. Rooney & Bench. Bosox (Hurst) at A's (Stewart)
1988-Gm.1 of WS. Jack Buck & Bill White. Gibson's miracle homer! A's (Stewart) at Dodgers (Belcher)
1988-Gm.2 of WS.  Buck & White. A's (S.Davis) at Dodgers (Hershiser)
1988-Gm.3 of WS.  Buck & White.  Dodgers (Tudor) at A's (Welch)
1988-Gm.4 of WS.  Buck & White.  Dodgers (Belcher) at A's (Stewart)
1988-Gm.5 of WS. Buck & White.  Dodgers(Hershiser) at A's (S.Davis)
1989-Apr.3. NY netw. Opening Day. Cards (Magrane) at Mets (Gooden)
1989-Apr.4 WGN. Opening Day. Phillies (Youmans) at Cubs (Sutcliffe)  (3)
1989-Apr.4. NY netw. Tommy John begins his 26th year in the Majors. Yanks(John) at Twins (Viola)
1989-Apr.5. NY netw.  Cardinals (DeLeon) at Mets (Ojeda)
1989-Apr.6. NY netw.  Yanks (LaPoint) at Twins (Rawley) 
1989-Apr.8. KMPC. Al Conin & Ken Brett. Jim Abbott's 1st ML start. Mariners(Langston) at Angels(Abbott)
1989-Apr.9. KMOX  Cards (Magrane) blast the Phillies (Ruffin)
1989-Apr.15. NY netw. Mets (Gooden) at Cards (Heinkel)  (3)
1989-Apr.25. WGN. The 75th anniversary of Wrigley Field. Dodgers (Belcher) at Cubs (Sanderson)
1989-Apr.28. NY netw. Rickey Henderson hits leadoff homer #36. Chisox (Hillegas) at Yanks (Hawkins)
1989-Apr.30. Bos. netw.  Bosox (Clemens) at  Angels (Ryan)
1989-May 2. NY netw. Royals (Gubicza) at Yanks (John)
1989-May 6. NY netw.  Astros (Clancy) at Mets (Cone)
1989-May 15  WFAN  Dodgers (Morgan) at Mets (Fernandez)  (3)
1989-May 18. NY netw. Dodgers (Leary) at Mets (Gooden)
1989-June 4. NY netw. Pirates (Drabek) at Mets (Fernandez)
1989-June 7. WFAN   Mets (Gooden) at Cubs (Sutcliffe)
1989-June 11. WABC  Gm.2 of DH. Bosox (Mike Smithson) at Yanks (Jimmy Jones)  (3)
1989-June 18. WABC  At Yankee Stadium, the Rangers (Hough) defeat the Yanks (LaPoint)
1989-June 19. WFAN. Dwight Gooden becomes the 3rd youngest pitcher to win 100 games. Expos(Gross) at Mets
1989-June 23. WABC At Yankee Stadium, Royals' Mark Gubicza shuts out the Yankees (Dave Eiland). Eiland interviewed after 2nd                                                 ML start.
1989-June 24. WABC. Yanks (LaPoint) bomb Royals (Appier). Yankee broadcasters comment on Pete Rose.
1989-June 24. John Bench & John Rooney. Gm.1 of DH. Twins(Oliveras) @ Red Sox (Dopson)  (3)
1989-June 25. WFAN. Phils(Mulholland) @ Mets (Fernandez). The 1st NL game in which a team needed no assists-the Mets.
1989-July 1. NY netw.  Mets (Gooden) at Reds (Armstrong)  (3)
1989- July 1. WABC. Gm. 1 of DH. Orioles (Harnisch) at  Yankees ( Cary)
1989-July 2. NY netw.  Brewers (August) bomb the Yankees (McCullers)
1989-July 9.  WFAN. Reds (Mahler) at Mets (Ojeda)
1989-July 14. WABC  Game 1 of a DH. The Royals (Saberhagen) BLOW OUT the Yankees (Eiland)
1989-July 15. WABC Royals (Aquino) defeat the Yankees (Cary)
1989 All Star Game from Candlestick Park.  Brent Musburger & Johnny Bench
1989-July 15. KNBR  Pirates (Smiley) at Giants (LaCoss)
1989-July 20. WGN.  Giants (LaCoss) at Cubs (Kilgus)  (3)
1989-July 24.  KMOX  Cubs (Bielecki)  at Cards (S.Terry)
1989-July 25. KNBR  Giants (LaCoss) at Braves (Lilliquist)
1989-July 29.  NY netw. Mets (Whitehurst) at Cubs (Maddux) (3)
1989-Aug.1 WABC Twins (Rawley) at Yanks (Terrell)
1989-Aug.2    WABC Gm.1 of DH. Twins (L.Smith) at Yanks (LaPoint)
1989-Aug.4    WGN  Cubs (Bielecki)  at  Pirates (Drabek)
1989-Aug.5    WFAN  Expos (Langston) at Mets (Darling)
1989-Aug. 5.  KNBR   Astros (Scott) at Giants (LaCoss)
1989-Aug.8    WGN    Expos (D.Martinez) at Cubs (Bielecki)
1989-Aug.10. KNBR. Dave Dravecky's comeback game. Reds (Scudder) at Giants (Dravecky)
1989-Aug.15. KNBR  Giants (Dravecky) at  Expos (Bryn Smith)
1989-Aug.22. KSFO. Nolan Ryan fans #5,000. Oakland (Welch)  at Texas Rangers (Ryan)
1989-Aug. 24. WABC. Gm. 1 of DH.  Orioles (Harnisch) at. Yankees. (Cary).
1989-Aug.26. KNBR  Expos (Langston) at Giants (Garrelts).
1989-Sept.2 WFAN Mets (Viola) at Giants (R.Reuschel)
1989-Sept.3.  KNBR  Mets (Ojeda) at Giants (Robinson)
1989-Sept.8  WFAN  Pirates (Drabek) at Mets (Ojeda)
1989-Sept.13  WGN  Expos (Gross) at Cubs (Sanderson)  (3)
1989-Sept.17  WFAN  Mets (Darling) at Expos (Langston)
1989-Sept.26. WGN  Cubs beat the Expos to win the N.L.East title
1989-Sept. 30  CJCL  Blue Jays clinch the A.L. East. Orioles (D.Johnson) @ Jays (Key)
1989-Oct.1. Ken Coleman's last Bosox broadcast. Milw.(Navarro) @ Bos. (Dopson)
1989-Gm.1 of NLCS. CBS  Jerry Coleman & John Rooney.  Giants (Garrelts) beat Cubs (Maddux)
1989-Gm.2 of NLCS.CBS Coleman and Rooney. Cubs (Bielecki) beat Giants (R.Reuschel)
1989-Oct.17. Complete CBS Earthquake Coverage with John Rooney, Jack Buck and Johnny Bench. From tremor #1 to evacuation.
1989-Gm.3 of NLCS. CBS  Coleman and Rooney. Giants (LaCoss) beat Cubs (Rick Sutcliffe)
1989-Gm.4 of NLCS. CBS. Coleman and Rooney. Giants (Garrelts) beat Cubs (Maddux)
1989-Gm.5 of NLCS. KNBR. Hank Greenwald & Ron Fairly. Giants at Candlestick win the pennant.
1989-Gm.1 of ALCS. CBS  Brent Musburger & Johnny Bench  Blue Jays (Stieb) at A's (Stewart)
1989-Gm.2 of ALCS. CBS. Musburger and Bench  Blue Jays (Stottlemyre) at A's (Moore)
1989-Game 3 of ALCS. CBS  Musburger and Bench  A's (Davis) at Blue Jays (Key)
1989-Gm.4 of ALCS.  CBS  Musburger and Bench   A's (Welch) at Blue Jays (Flanagan)
1989-Gm.5 of ALCS.  CBS  Musburger and Bench  A's (Stewart) at Blue Jays (Stieb)
1989-Gm.1 of WS. CBS  Jack Buck & Johnny Bench  Giants (Garrelts) at A's (Stewart)
1989-Gm.2 of WS. CBS  Buck and Bench   Giants (R.Reuschel) at A's (Moore)
1989-Gm.3 of WS  CBS  Buck & Bench  A's (Stewart) at Giants (Garrelts)
1989-Gm.4 of WS  CBS  Buck and Bench  A's (Moore) sweep Giants (D.Robinson)
1990-Apr.11. KIRO with Dave Niehaus. Angels' Langston's and Witt's combined no-hitter against the Mariners.
1990-Apr.16. WRKO  Brewers beat Bosox 18-0
 1990-Apr.26. WMAQ Nolan Ryan's 1-hitter and 16 strikeouts. White Sox (Melido Perez) at Rangers (Ryan)
1990-May 10. WLW. Reds explode for 8 in the 8th to defeat the Pirates
1990-May 11. WGN  Cubs (Greg Maddux) at Reds (Scott Scudder)
1990-June 3  WRKO  Clemens drills Jefferson and it's BRAWL TIME. Bosox (Clemens) at Indians (Farrell)
1990-June 10. WFAN Pirates (Terrell) at Mets (Ojeda)
1990-June 11. WBAP. Nolan Ryan's 6th No-Hitter. Rangers (Ryan) at A's (Sanderson)
1990-June 23. WFAN. Dwight Gooden of the Mets 2-hits the Phillies (Pat Combs) in NY.
1990-June 26. WFAN. Mets (Darling) at Cardinals (B.Smith)  (3)
1990-June 27. WCCO. Ryan wins #296. Rangers (Ryan) at Twins (Tapani)
1990-June 29.  WFAN  Reds (Mahler) at Mets (Ojeda)
1990-June 29. TV audio with Al Hrabosky & Ken Wilson. Fernando Valenzuela no-hits the Cardinals
1990-June 29. TV audio with Tommy Hutton & Don Chevier. A's Dave Stewart no-hits the Blue Jays
1990-July 1. CWS netw. Yankees' Andy Hawkins no-hits the Chisox but LOSES
1990-July 1. WIBW  "Bo" Jackson blasts. Tigers (Morris) at Royals (Tom Gordon)
1990-July 12. WFAN  Game 1 of DH. Mets (Gooden) at Reds (Mahler)  (3)
1990-July 14. WFAN  Mets (Cone) at Reds (Armstrong)
1990-July 17 WRKO Twins @ Red Sox. A record is set for TRIPLE PLAYS! Scott Erickson v. Tom Bolton
1990-July 25. WLW. Game 2 of DH. Roseanne Barr mutilates the Nat'l Anthem. Reds at Padres
1990-July 25  WGN  Cubs (Harkey) at Cardinals (Tudor)
1990 All Star Game from Wrigley Field. John Rooney, Jerry Coleman and Johnny Bench.
1990-July 25. WFAN. GENTLEMAN Bob Murphy's famous call, "They win the damned thing.." An amazing 9th inn.
                    comeback by the Phillies falls a bit short. An AMAZING GAME. Mets at Phillies. (3)
1990-July 29. WRKO  Bosox hit TWELVE doubles. Boston (Greg Harris) at Detroit (Jeff Robinson)
1990-July 31. TV audio with Jim Sundberg & Steve Busby. Nolan Ryan wins #300 v. the Brewers
1990-Aug.3. WFAN. The Mets IMPROBABLE win vs. the Cards at Busch. David Cone v. Jose DeLeon  (3)
1990-Aug.15. Prism TV audio. Philies' Terry Mulholland no-hits the Giants in Philadelphia
1990-Aug.16. WFAN  Dodgers (Belcher) at Mets (Darling)
1990-Aug.23. WFAN  Mets (Cone) at Dodgers (Valenzuela)
1990-Aug.31  WFAN  Met fans will go nuts over this one!  Giants (D.Robinson) at Mets (F.Viola)
1990-Aug.31. KIRO with Dave Niehaus. Mariners'  Ken Griffey Sr. & Ken Jr. play in same lineup against the Royals
1990-Sept. 22. WFAN. Mets (Darling) at Cubs (Nunez)
1990-Sept.23. WFAN. Darryl Strawberry's last game as a Met. Mets (Gooden) at Cubs (Maddux).
1990-Sept.25. WFAN  Mets (Fernandez) at Expos (Nabholz)  (3)
1990-Sept.26. WFAN  Mets (Cone) at Expos (D.Martinez)
1990-Sept.28. WFAN  Cubs (Maddux) at Mets (Gooden)
1990-Sept.30. WMAQ. The last game played in Comiskey Park. M's (DeLucia) @ Chisox (J.McDowell) (3)
1990-Oct.1  WRKO  Red Sox clinch a tie for the A.L.East. White Sox (Hibbard) at Red Sox (
1990-Oct.3  WABC  Tigers' Cecil Fielder hits homers #50 & 51 against the Yankees in NY.
1990-Game 1 of ALCS.  CBS  Jim Hunter & Johnny Bench.  A's (Stewart) at Red Sox (Clemens)
1990-Game 2 of ALCS. CBS  Jim Hunter & Johnny Bench  A's (Welch) at Red Sox (Kiecker)  (3)
1990-Game 3 of ALCS. CBS  Jim Hunter & Johnny Bench. Red Sox (Boddicker) at A's (M.Moore)
1990-Gm.2 of NLCS. CBS  At Riverfront, the Reds (Browning) defeat the Pirates (Drabek)
1990-Gm. 3 of NLCS. CBS  At Three Rivers, the Reds (Danny Jackson) defeat the Pirates (Zane Smith)
1990-Gm.4 of NLCS. CBS  At Three Rivers, the Reds (Jose Rijo) defeat the Pirates (Bob Walk)
1990-Gm. 6 of NLCS. WLW  At Riverfront, the Reds(Jackson) win the NLCS versus the Pirates (Ted Power)
1990-Gm.1 of WS. Vin Scully  At Riverfront, the Reds (Rijo) defeat the A's (Dave Stewart)
1990-Gm.2 of WS. Vin Scully  At Riverfront, in 10 inns., the Reds(Danny Jackson) top the A's (Bob Welch)
1990-Gm.3 of WS. Vin Scully  In Oakland, the Reds (Browning) defeat the A's (Mike Moore)
1990-Gm.4 of WS. WLW  In Oakland, the Reds (Rijo) sweep the A's (Dave Stewart)
1991-Apr.11. KSFO  Twins (Erickson) at A's (Slusarski)
1991-Apr.18 WMAQ The Opener at the New Comiskey Park. Tigers @ White Sox  (3)
1991-May 1  WABC  Rickey Henderson becomes the greatest base stealer in MLB history. Yanks(Leary) @ A;s (Moore)
1991-May 11. WSB  Braves (Leibrandt) at Pirates (Drabek)
1991-June 16. WCCO. Twins win 15th in a row. Twins (Tapani) at Indians (Swindell)
1991-July 1. WABC.  Indians (Swindell) at Yankees ( Sanderson)
1991-July 6. WRKO. The Clemens-Shelby Brawl. Tigers (Gakeler) at Red Sox (Clemens)
1991 All Star Game from Toronto. Rooney, Coleman & Bench. N.L. (Glavine) at A.L. (J.Morris)
1991-July 31  WSB  Pirates (Rick Reed) at Braves (John Smoltz)
1991-July 31. WMAQ  35,185 and broadcaster Wayne Hagin go nuts at Comiskey as Ventura grand slams in bottom of 9th
1991-Aug.3. WTBS-TV audio with Larry King.  Padres (Benes) at Braves (Glavine). 
1991-Aug.11. WMAQ  The White Sox' Wilson Alvarez no-hits the Orioles in Baltimore.
1991-Aug.14. WCCO Dave Winfield hits career homer #400. Angels (McCaskill) at Twins (West)
1991-Aug.26  CWS TV audio. K.C.'s Bret Saberhagen no hits the Chisox in KC.
1991-Aug.29  WSB  Mets (Young) at Braves (Smoltz).
1991-Sept.8  WSB  Braves (Glavine) at Mets (Anthony Young)
1991-Sept.14. CBS  Jerry Coleman & Jim Hunter. Dodgers (Belcher) at Braves (Smoltz)  (3)  
1991-Sept.20. Braves TV audio. Braves move into first place by a 0.5 game.. Braves (Glavine) @ Dodgers (Belcher)
1991-Sept.21. WTBS-TV audio  Braves (Leibrandt) at Dodgers (Hershiser)
1991-Sept.22  WTBS-TV audio  Braves (Glavine) at Dodgers (R.Martinez)
1991-Sept.22 KDKA Pirates win the N.L.East. Phillies (Brantley) at Pirates (Drabek)
1991-Sept.24  ESPN-TV  Dodgers (Mike Morgan) at Padres (Ricky Bones)
1991-Sept.28. WCCO. Twins clinch a tie for the A.L.West. Twins (Morris) @ Blue Jays (Candiotti)
1991-Oct.1 ESPN-TV Padres (Benes) at Dodgers (Ojeda)
1991-Oct.1 WSB Braves (Leibrandt) at Reds (Rijo)
1991-Oct.2   WSB  Glavine wins #20. Braves (Glavine) at Reds (Scudder)
1991-Oct.4. WSB. The Braves (Avery) defeat the Astros(Juden) to lower their clinching magic number to 2.
1991-Oct.5. KABC  The Giants eliminate the Dodgers from the Division race, LA (Morgan
1991-Oct.5. WSB.  Astros (Portugal) at Braves (Smoltz)
1991-Oct.6. WJR. The finale for Memorial Stadium. It was supposed to be Ernie's & Paul' final Tiger broadcast. 
                           Tigers (Tanana) at Orioles (Bob Milacki)
1991-Gm.1 of ALCS  CBS  Twins (Morris) beat Blue Jays (Candiotti)
1991-Gm.3 of ALCS  CBS  Twins (Erickson) beat Blue Jays (Key)
1991-Gm.4 of ALCS  CBS  Twins (Morris) beat Blue Jays (T.Stottlemyre)
1991-Gm.5 of ALCS  CBS  Twins (Tapani) beat Blue Jays (Candiotti) and win the pennant
1991-Gm.2 of NLCS  CBS  Braves (Avery) beat the Pirates (Z.Smith)
1991-Gm.3 of NLCS  CBS  Braves (Smoltz) beat the Pirates (Smiley)
1991-Gm.6 of NLCS  CBS  Braves (Avery) at Pirates (Drabek)
1991-Gm.7 of NLCS  CBS  Braves (Smoltz) beat Pirates (Smiley) to win the pennant.
1991-Gm.1 of WS. Vin Scully & Johnny Bench.  Braves (Leibrandt) at Twins (Morris)
1991-Gm.2 of WS. Scully & Bench.  Braves (Glavine) at Twins (Tapani)
1991-Gm.3 of WS. Scully & Bench.  Twins (Erickson) at Braves (Avery)  (3)
1991-Gm.4 of WS. Scully & Bench.  Twins (Morris) at Braves (Smoltz)
1991-Gm.5 of WS. Scully & Bench.  Twins (Tapani) at Braves (Glavine)
1991-Gm.6 of WS. Scully & Bench.  Braves (Leibrandt) at Twins (Erickson)
1991-Gm.7 of WS. Scully & Bench.  Braves (Smoltz) at Twins (Morris)
1991-Gm.7 of WS. Herb Carneal & John Gordon. Braves (Smoltz) at Twins (Morris)
1992-Apr.6 WBAL. The first game at Camden Yards. Indians (Nagy) at Orioles (Sutcliffe)
1992-Apr.7  WSB  N.L.Opening Day  Braves (Glavine) at Astros (Harnisch)
1992-Apr.9  WFAN  Anthony Young breaks a 27 game losing streak. Mets defeat the Cards.
1992-Apr.12  WRKO  Red Sox Matt Young no-hits the Indians and LOSES!
1992 All Star Game from San Diego. A.L. (Kevin Brown) @ N.L. (Tom Glavine)
1992-July 12. WSB  Jeff Blauser hits THREE. Braves (Bielecki) at Cubs (Castillo)  (3)
1992-Aug.26  CJCL  Dave Winfield's 1,000th extra base hit. Blue Jays (T.Stottlemyre) at Chisox (McCaskill)
1992-Sept.5. KDKA. "Roberto Clemente Remembrance Nite at 3 Rivers." LA (Hershiser) at Pirates (Walk)  (3)
1992-Sept.7. WSB   Dodgers (Pedro Astacio) at Braves (John Smoltz)
1992-Sept.25  KDKA  Bucs magic number to clinch Div. drops to 2. Mets (Fernandez) at Pirates (R.Tomlin)
1992-Sept.26. KDKA. Pirates beat Mets 19-2 to clinch a tie for the N.L. East
1992-Sept.27  KDKA  Pirates win the N.L.East. Mets (Schourek) at Pirates (Danny Jackson)
1992-Sept.29  WSB  The Braves clinch the N.L.West. Giants (Bud Black) at Braves (Charlie Leibrandt)
1992-Game 1 of NLCS. CBS. John Rooney & Jerry Coleman. Braves (Smoltz) beat Pirates (Drabek) in Atlanta 
1992-Game 2 of  NLCS. CBS. John Rooney & Jerry Coleman. Braves (Avery)) beat Pirates (Jackson) ) in Atlanta
1992-Game 4 of NLCS. CBS.  Rooney and Coleman. Braves (Smoltz) beat Pirates (Drabek) in Pittsburgh
1992-Gm.7 of NLCS. WSB. Pirates(Drabek) at Braves (Smoltz). Cabrera's hit gives the Braves the pennant.
1993  "Memories of Arlington Stadium from 1972-1992" 2 cassettes. Great history re-lived!
1993-Apr.5. WQAM.Miami. The Marlins' First Game. Dodgers (Hershiser) at Marlins (Hough)
1993-Apr.5   KBKL  THE ROCKIES' FIRST GAME. Rockies (Nied) at Mets (Gooden)
1993-Apr.9. CIQC,Montreal. The Rockies' First Home Game. Expos ( Kent Bottenfield) at Rockies (Bryn Smith)
1993-Apr.15. WRKO  Andre Dawson hits #400. Indians (Mesa) at Red Sox (Clemens)     (3)
1993-Apr.22  WRKO  In Seattle, the Mariners' Chris Bosio no-hits the Red Sox (Hesketh)
1993-Apr.24 WQAM Marlins (Aquino) at Rockies (Ashby)
1993-May 17. WOGL  Phillies (Rivera) at Marlins (Hough)
1993-May 21. WQAM. The first meeting ever between the Cubs & Marlins. Cubs (Harkey) at Marlins (Bowen)
1993-June 8   WFAN  Cubs (Morgan) at Mets (Young). Anthony Young loses his 20th straight game.
1993-June 22. WFAN. Anthony Young loses his 23rd straight game. Expos(Nabholz) at Mets (Young) tying an 81 year old record established by Jack Curtis who pitched for the 1910-1911 Boston Doves/Rustlers
1993-June 27. WFAN  Anthony Young loses #24 straight. Cards(Magrane) at Mets.
1993 All Star Game from Camden Yards. John Rooney, Jerry Coleman & John Bench. NL (Mulholland) @ AL (Langston)
1993-July 7. WFAN Anthony Young loses 26th straight. Padres (Benes) at Mets.
1993-July 22  WABC  Angels (Springer) at Yankees (Abbott)
1993-July 23  WABC  Angels (Langston) at Yankees (Mark Hutton)
1993-July 24.  WABC  Angels (Sanderson) at Yankees (Kamieniecki)
1993-July 25. WABC  Yanks trail Angels by 8 and WIN.
1993-July 27. WJR. The 10,000th home run hit at Tiger Stadium. Royals (Appier) at Tigers (Gullickson)
1993-Aug.11  WABC  Yankees (Key) at Red Sox (Clemens)
1993-Aug.12  WABC  Yankees (Perez) at Red Sox (Sele)
1993-Aug.14  WABC   Orioles (Rhodes) at Yankees (Jean)
1993-Aug.15. WABC  Orioles (McDonald) at Yankees (Kamieniecki)
1993-Sept.4.  WABC  In Yankee Stadium, the Yankees' Jim Abbott no-hits the Indians (Bob Milacki)
1993-Sept.11. WGST Atalnta. Braves take over 1st place in NL West. Braves (Smoltz) at Padres (Benes)
1993-Sept.15. WGST Atlanta. A 9th inn. to be remembered. Reds (Rijo) at Braves (Mercker)
1993-Sept.16. WCCO. Dave Winfield's 3,000th hit. A's at Twins  (3)
1993-Sept.18  WABC  A KNOCKOUT OF A BALLGAME!  Red Sox (Minchey) @ Yankees (Jimmy Key)  (3)
1993-Sept.26 WSB The first time in the 1900s any Braves team won 100. Braves (Avery) at Phillies (Schilling)
1993-Sept.25. WMAQ  Game 1 of DH. White Sox clinch a Division tie. Rangers (Rogers) at Chisox (Bere)
1993-Sept.27  CJCL. Blue Jays clinch the A.L.East. Tor. (Hentgen) @  Brewers (Eldred)
1993-Sept.27  WOGL  Phillies win the N.L.East. Phils (M.William) at Pirates (Hope)
1993-Sept.27. WMAQ  White Sox win A.L. West. Mariners (Fleming) at Chisox (McCaskill)
1993-Oct.1. WSB  Braves (Avery) beat Colo. (G.Harris) to lower their magic number to 3 to clinch the N.L.East
1993-Oct.3  WKNR  The Finale at Cleve. Municipal Stadium. Chisox (Bere) at Indians (Nagy)  (3)
1993-Oct.3  WSB  Braves (Glavine) beat Rockies to secure a Division tie
1993-Game 1 of NLCS  CBS  Jerry Coleman & Johnny Bench. Phillies (Schilling) defeat Braves (Avery)
1993-Game 4 of NLCS  CBS  Phillies (Danny Jackson) defeat Braves (John Smoltz)
1993-Game 5 of NLCS  CBS  Phillies (Schilling) defeat the Braves (Avery
1993-Game 6 of NLCS  WOGL,Phila. The Phillies (Greene) defeat the Braves (Maddux) and advance to the World Series
1993-Game 1 of ALCS. Ernie Harwell. Blue Jays (Guzman) at Chisox (McDowell)
1993-Game 2 of ALCS. Ernie Harwell. Blue Jays (Stewart) at Chisox (A.Fernandez)
1993-Game 3 of ALCS. Ernie Harwell. Chisox (W.Alvarez) at Blue Jays (Hentgen)
1993-Game 4 of ALCS. Ernie Harwell. Chisox (Bere) at Blue Jays (T.Stottlemyre)
1993-Game 5 of ALCS. Ernie Harwell. Chisox (McDowell) at Blue Jays (Guzm
1993-Game 6 of ALCS. Ernie Harwell. Blue Jays (Stewart) at Chisox (A.Fernandez). Jays advance to the World Series.
1993-Gm.4 of WS. Vin Scully calls Blue Jays 15 @ Phillies 14.  (3)
1993-Game 6 of WS. Blue Jays win Series v. Phila. on Joe Carter's walkoff home run.
1994-Apr.3.KDKA. The first game ever at "The Jake". Exhibition. Pirates (Wagner) @ Tribe (Nagy)
1994-Apr.4. WGN. "Tuffy" Rhodes makes history in the Opener. Mets(Gooden)@Cubs(Morgan)
1994-Apr.8. WSB. Braves' Kent Mercker no-hits the Dodgers in Los Angeles
1994-Apr.12   WRKO  BEDLAM IN K.C. Red Sox (Darwin) at Royals (Appier). 33 runs on 30 hits on 3 tapes
1994-Apr.27. WCCO. Twins' Scott Erickson no-hits the Brewers in the Metrodome
1994-July 3. KABC  Orel Hershiser breaks Koufax's record for most inns. pitched by a Dodger. Phils(Valenzuela) at Dodgers
1994 All Star Game from Pittsburgh. AL (Bere) v. NL (Doug Jones). John Rooney & Jerry Coleman
1994-July 28. HSE-TV audio. Rangers' Kenny Rogers's perfect game versus the Angels
1994-Aug.11. WABC. Sterling & Kay discuss,during the game, the impact of the looming players' strike set for
                                 tomorrow. It would last 232 days. Blue Jays(Hentgen) @ Yankees(M.Perez) (3)
1995-Apr.26. WABC OPENING DAY. Rangers (Kenny Rogers) at Yankees (Jimmy Key)
1995-May 28. WMAQ  TWELVE HOME RUNS!  Chisox (Baldwin) at Tigers (Wells)  (3)
1995 All Star Game from Arlington Texas. NL (Nomo) @ AL (Randy Johnson)
1995-Aug.31. WABC. Paul O'Neill's 8 rbi game! Angels(B.Anderson) @ Yankees (Hitchcock)
1995-Sept.5. WBAL. Cal. at Balt. Cal Ripken,Jr. ties Lou Gehrig with 2130 consecutive games (3)
1995-Sept.6. WBAL Cal. at Balt. Cal Ripken, Jr. breaks Lou Gehrig's consecutive game streak. (3)
1995-Sept.13. WSB. Braves clinch a Division tie. Atl.(Mercker) @ Colo.(Bailey)
1995-Sept.19.KMPC. Ken Caminiti's 8 rbi game. Rockies 4 at Padres 15
1995-Sept.19. WRKO  At Fenway, Bosox beat Brewers to guarantee at least a tie for the A.L.East
1995-Sept.20. WRKO  At Fenway, the Bosox defeat the Brewers to win the A.L.East Title.
1995-Sept.28. WGN. Hou. at Cubs. The Cubs overcome 6 deficits to beat the Astros and Cub
                               pitcher,Randy Myers, is attacked by a crazy fan. (3)
1995-Sept.30. KABC. The Dodgers clinch the N.L.West. L.A. (Nomo) @ Padres (Blair)
1995-Oct.1. WABC  Yankees clinch A.L.East Wild Card  Yanks(Hitchcock) at Blue Jays (Hentgen)
1995-Oct.1.WJR. The last game in Tiger uniforms for Sparky Anderson, Lou Whitaker and
                          Alan Trammell. Tigers (Sodowsky) at Orioles (Mussina)
1995-Gm.1 of NLDS. Coleman and Hunter. Reds (Schourek) beat Dodgers (Ramon Martinez)
1995-Gm.2 of NLDS. Jerry Coleman & Jim Hunter. Reds (Smiley) defeat the Dodgers (Valdez)
1995-Game 3 of NLDS. CBS. In Cinc., the Reds (Wells) beat the Dodgers (Nomo) to move on to the NLCS
1995-Game 4 of NLDS. WSB. Braves beat Rockies to advance to NLCS v. Reds. Saberhagen v. Maddux.
1995-Oct.2. Ernie Harwell. The A.L.West TIEBREAKER. Angels(Langston) at Mariners(Johnson) M's go to the ALDS.
1995-Gm.2 of ALDS. WABC. Leyritz breaks up a 5-5 tie in the last of the 15th with a two run blast. (3)
1995-Game 3 of ALDS. CBS. Indians beat Bosox to advance to the ALCS. Nagy v. Wakefield.
1995-Gm.4 of ALDS. KIRO. In Seattle, the Mariners (Bosio) beat the Yankees (Kamieniecki) in a 4:08 game. (3)
1995-Gm.5 of ALDS. WABC. M's go to the ALCS. Mattingly's last ML game. NYY(Cone)@Sea.(Benes) (3)
1995-Gm.5 of ALDS. KIRO. Dave Niehaus & Rick Rizzs go WILD. The M's beat the Yanks to go to the ALCS  (3)
1995-Gm.6 of ALCS. CBS. John Rooney & Jeff Torborg. Indians win the pennant. Cleve.(D.Martinez) @ Sea.(R.Johnson)
1995-Game 1 of WS. Vin Scully & John Rooney. In Atlanta, the Braves (Maddux) beat the Indians (Hershiser)
1995-Game 2 of WS. Vin Scully & John Rooney. In Atlanta, the Braves(Glavine) beat the Indians (D.Martinez)
1995-Game 4 of WS. Vin Scully & John Rooney. In Cleveland, the Braves(Avery) beat the Indians (Ken Hill)
1995-Game 6 of WS. WSB. In Atlanta, the Braves(Glavine) win the Series v. the Indians (D.Martinez)
1996-Apr.1.WLW.71 mins.Plate umpire John McSherry collapses and dies in the top of the first.Game called.
1996-Apr.2. WABC. DEREK JETER'S FIRST FULL SEASON GAME. Yankees (Cone) at Indians (D.Martinez)
1996-May 14. NY netw. In NY., Dwight Gooden no-hits the Mariners
1996-July 1  WABC  Red Sox (Clemens) at Yankees (Key)
1996  All Star Game from Philadelphia. John Rooney & Jim Hunter. A.L. (Nagy) at N.L. (Smoltz)
1996-July 13. Gm.3 of DH during that "Hurricane Bertha" weekend sweep. WABC  Yanks (Gooden) at Orioles (Coppinger)
1996-July 14  WABC  Gm.4 of that unforgettable "Hurrican Bertha" weekend sweep by NY. Yanks (Pettitte) @ Balt. (Erickson) 
1996-Sept.6  WBAL. Eddie Murray hits career home run # 500. Tigers (Lira) at Orioles (Wells)  (3)
1996-Sept.7. WCCO  Kirby Puckett Nite. Angels (Boskie) at Twins (Aguilera)  $14.95
1996-Sept.14 WFAN  Todd Hundley establishes a catcher's Met record for 1 season homers. Braves(Avery) @ Mets(Clark) (3) 
1996-Sept.15. WBAL. At Detroit, the Orioles (Coppinger) REALLY BOMB the Tigers (Van Poppel) (3)
1996-Sept.16. WCCO. Paul Molitor's 3,000th hit. Twins (Radke) at Royals (Rosado)
1996-Sept.17. KABC. In Colorado, the Dodgers' Hideki Nomo no-hits the Rockies (Swift)
1996-Sept.18. NESN-TV audio Roger Clemens strikes out 20 Tigers. Boston at Detroit.
1996-Sept.22. WSB  Braves clinch the N.L.East. Expos (Fassero) at Braves (Smoltz)
1996-Sept.23. KMOX Cards clinch a tie for the N.L.Central. Cards (T.Stottlemyre) at Reds (M.Morgan)
1996-Sept.24. KMOX  Cardinals clinch their 1st N.L.Central Title. Cards (Benes) at Pirates (Loaiza)
1996-Sept.25. WABC Yanks beat the Brewers 19-2 to clinch the A.L. East title. (3)
1996-Sept.27. KFMB  Padres (Sanders) begin their drive to the N.L.West title by beating the Dodgers(Valdez)
1996-Sept.29 KMOX Ozzie's last regular season game. Reds (Lyons) at Cards (Ludwick)
1996-Game 3 of NLDS. WSB  Braves go to the NLCS v. St.L. LA (Nomo) @ Atl. (Gla
1996-Gm.1 of NLDS. KMOX. Padres (Joey Hamilton) at Cardinals (Todd Stottlemyre)
1996-Gm.2 of NLDS  KMOX  Padres (Scott Sanders) at Cardinals (Andy Benes)vine)
1996-Game 3 of NLDS.  KMOX  Cards (Osborne) win the Series v. the Padres (Ashby)
1996-Gm.5 of the ALCS.  WABC. Yankees (Pettitte) at Orioles (Scott Erickson). Yanks win pennant.  (3)
1996-Gm.3 of WS. NY netw. Yankees (Cone) at Braves (Glavine)
1996-Gm.4 of WS. NY netw. Yankees (Rogers) at Braves (Neagle)  (3)
1996-Gm.5 of WS. NY netw. Yankees(Pettitte) at Braves (Smoltz)
1996-Gm.6 of WS. NY netw. Braves (Maddux) at Yanks (Key)  (3)
1997-Apr.26. WGN. "Ryno" breaks Joe Morgan's home run record for 2nd basemen. Pirates(Cooke) @ Cubs(Bottenfield) (3)
1997-June 10. WQAM  Kevin Brown no-hits the Giants. Marlins at Giants (Van Landingham)
1997-June 16. WABC  The 1st Interleague meeting between Mets (Mlicki) at Yankees (Pettitte)
1997-June 17. WABC Mets (Reynoso) at Yankees (Wells)
1997 All Star Game from Cleveland. N.L. (Maddux) at A.L. (R.Johnson)
1997-July 13. KIRO with Dave Niehaus. Rangers (Bobby Witt) at Mariners (Randy Johnson)
1997-Gm.3 of NLDS. WSB In Houston, Braves(Smoltz) beat the Astros (Reynolds) to advance to the NLCS v. Florida
1997-Gm.1 of NLCS.Jerry Coleman & Gary Cohen. In Atl., the Marlines(K.Brown) defeat the Braves (Maddux)
1997-Gm.3 of NLCS. J.Coleman & Gary Cohen). In FL., the Marlins (Saunders) defeat the Braves (Smoltz)
1997-Gm.5 of NLCS. WSB (Braves netw.) In FL, the Marlins (Livan Hernandez) defeat the Braves (Maddux)
1997-Gm.6 of NLCS. J. Coleman and G.Cohen. In Atl.,the Marlins clinch the pennant v. the Braves. (3)
1997-Game 2 of ALCS. CBS  Indians (Nagy) defeat the Orioles (Key).   (3)
1997-Game 3 of  ALCS.  CBS  Inndians (Hershiser) defeat the Orioles (Mussina)  (3)
1997-Gm.6 of ALCS. CBS  In Baltimore, the Indians (Nagy) defeat the Orioles (Mussina) to win the pennant.
1997-Game 1 of WS. Vin Scully & John Rooney.In FL., Marlins (Livan Hernandez) defeat Indians (Hershiser)
1997-Gm.2 of WS. Vin Scully & J.Rooney. In FL.,the Indians (Chad Ogea) defeat the Marlins (Kevin Brown)
1997-Gm.3 of WS. Vin Scully & J.Rooney. In Cleve., the Marlins (Leiter) defeat the Indians (Nagy) $14.95
1997-Gm.4 of WS  Vin Scully & J.Rooney. In Cleve., the Indians (Jaret Wright) defeat the Marlins (Tony Saunders)
1997-Gm.5 of WS. Vin Scully & J.Rooney. In Cleve., the Marlins(Livan Hernandez) defeat the Indians (Hershiser) (3)
1997-Gm.6 of WS. Vin Scully & J.Rooney. In FL., the Indians (Chad Oega) defeat the Marlins (K.Brown)
1997-Gm.7 of WS. Vin Scully & John Rooney. Marlins(Leiter) beat the Tribe(J.Wright) to win it all!  (3)
1998-Mar. 31  KMOX  Opening Day. Dodgers (Ramon Martinez) at Cardinals (Todd Stottlemyre)
1998-Mar.31. WFLA. The Devil Rays' first game. Tigers (J.Thompson) at Devil Rays (W.Alvarez) (3)
1998-Mar.31. KTAR.  The Diamondbacks' first game. Rockies (Kile) at D'backs (Benes)  (3)
1998-Apr.10. NY netw. Yanks win #4 of 114. OPENING DAY MAYHEM. 30 runs..32 hits etc. A's (Haynes) at Yankees (Cone) (3)
1998-May 6. WGN-TV AUDIO. KERRY WOOD FANS 20. Astros (Reynolds) at Cubs (Wood)
1998-May 8  KMOX  Cardinals (Politte) at Mets (Reed)
1998-May 11. WGN. Kerry Wood sets the all time K record for 2 straight games. Cubs (Wood) @ D'backs (Anderson)
1998-May 17. NY netw. In NY, Yankees' David Wells's perfect game against the Twins.
1998-May 31. NY netw. (WABC). Red Sox score 11 in the 3rd to shock the Yankees. Pedro v. Andy Pettitte  (3)
1998-June 24. WGN  Cubs (M.Clark) at Tigers (Seth Greisinger)  (3)
1998-June 25.  WGN  Cubs (Kerry Wood) at Tigers (Brian Moehler)
1998-June 28. KSFO  MAYHEM AT COORS. Athletics (Candiotti) at Rockies (J.Wright)
1998-June 25 WGN Cubs (K.Wood) at Tigers (Moehler)
1998 All Star Game from Denver. Charlie Steiner. A.L. (David Wells) @ N.L. (Greg Maddux)
1998-July 21. WABC. Tigers(Moehler) at Yankees (Cone). Yanks win #70.
1998-Aug.4  Game 2 of DH. WABC  Yanks score 9 in the 9th to beat the A's in Oakland
1998-Aug.13  WABC Yanks win #88 of 114. "El Duque"  sets a Yankee rookie K record. Rangers (Helling) @ Yanks (Hernandez)
1998-Aug.16  WABC Yankees win #90 of 114.  "BERN, BABY, BERN." Rangers (Loaiza) at Yankees (Wells)
1998-Aug.17. WABC "I Did Not Have Sex with that Woman" game. Yanks @ Royals
1998-Aug.18 WGN Cardinals (Mercker) at Cubs (Trachsel
1998-Aug.19  WGN  Cards (Bottenfield) at Cubs (M.Clark)  (3)
1998-Aug.20 WGN Giants (Ortiz) at Cubs (Tapani)
1998-Aug.21 WGN  Giants (Hershiser) at Cubs (Wood)
1998-Aug.21  WABC  Jeter breaks a Yankee SS home run single season record. Yankees (Wells at Rangers (Loaiza)
1998-Aug.22 WGN  Astros (Randy Johnson) at Cubs (Don Wengert)
1998-Aug.23  WGN   Astros beat up the Cubs, Houston (Lima) at  Cubs (Trachsel)    (3)
1998-Aug.24  WGN   Astros beat up the Cubs. Houston (Reynolds) at Cubs (Clark)
1998-Aug.25 WGN  A slugfest at Riverfront. Cubs (Tapani) at Reds (Reyes)  (3)
1998-Aug.26 WGN  Cubs (Kerry Wood) at Reds (Brett Tomko)  Wood fans 16.
1998-Aug.27  WABC  Yankee win #96 of 114. Angels (Finley) at Yankees (Cone)  (3)
1998-Aug.28 WABC  Yankees win #97 of 114. Mariners (Paul Spoliaric) at Yankees (Orlando Hernandez)
1998-Aug.28  WGN   Cubs (Trachsel) at Rockies (Thomson) (3)
1998-Aug.29  WGN   Cubs (M.Clark) at Rockies (Bobby Jones)
1998-Aug.29   WABC  Yankees win #98 out of 114  Mariners (Ken Cloude) at Yankees (Andy Pettitte)
1998-Aug.31   WGN   Reds (Tomko) at Cubs (Wood)
1998-Sept.1  KMOX   Cardinals (Morris) at Marlins (L.Hernandez)
1998-Sept.1.  WGN   Reds (Parris) at Cubs (M.Morgan)
1998-Sept.2   WGN Reds (Fordyce) at Cubs (Trachsel)
1998-Sept.4   WGN  Cubs (M.Clark) at Pirates (Schmidt)
1998-Sept.4  WABC  Yanks win #100 faster than any team in MLB history. Yanks (Hernandez) at Chisox (Mike Sirotka)
1998-Sept.5   WGN   Cubs (Tapani) at Pirates (S.Lawrence)
1998-Sept.5   KMOX  Reds (Reyes) at Cardinals (Osborne)
1998-Sept.7   WGN  Cubs (Mike Morgan) at Cardinals (Darren Oliver)  (3)
1998-Sept.8   KMOX  Cubs (Trachsel) at Cardinals (Mercker)
1998-Sept.9. WABC. Yankees win #102 to clinch the Division at Fenway. Yanks ("El Duque") and Bosox (Wakefield)
1998-Sept.9. WGN. Cub win #81. Pirates (J.Schmidt) at Cubs (Clark)
1998-Sept.10. WGN. Cub win #82. Pirates (Silva) at Cubs (Tapani)
1998-Sept.11  WGN  MAYHEM AT WRIGLEY!  Brewers (Pusipher) at Cubs (Wengert)  (3)
1998-Sept.12. WGN. Cub win #83. A close to a 30 run game. Brewers (Roque) at Cubs (Morgan)
1998-Sept.13  WGN. WGN  The Cubs beat the Brewers in a 20+ run game.  (3)
1998-Sept.14. WABC Yanks win #104 & it's "El Duque's" 1st shutout. Red Sox (Pedro Martinez) at Yanks (Hernandez)
1998-Sept.14  WGN   Cubs (Clark) at Padres (Hitchcock)
1998-Sept.15. WGN. Cub win #85. Cubs (Tapani) at Padres (K.Brown)
1998-Sept.15. KMOX  Game 1 of DH. Pirates (Lieber) at Cardinals (Osborne)
1998-Sept.16. WGN. Cub win #86 & Sosa hits #63. Cubs (Mulholland) at Padres (J.Hamilton)
1998-Sept.18  KMOX  Cardinals (Oliver) at Brewers (Roque)
1998-Sept.22  WABC  Game 2 of DH. Yanks win #108 of 114. Indians (Burba) at Yanks (Mendoza)
1998-Sept.25  KMOX   Expos (Batista) at Cardinals (Jimenez)
1998-Sept.26  KMOX  Expos (Hermanson) at Cardinals (Aybar)
1998-Sept.26 WABC Yankees win #113 of 114. Devil Rays (Terrell Wade) at Yankees (Cone)
1998-Sept.27  WABC  Yankees win their 114th on the season. A NYY Record. Devil Rays (Rekar) at Yankees (Bruske)
1998-Sept.28. WGN. Gm.#163 of season to decide the NL Wild Card team. Cubs(Trachsel) beat Giants(Gardner)
1998-Game 3 of NLDS. WSB. Braves best Cubs to advance to the NLCS v.Padres
1998-Game 1 of WS. WABC. Padres (Brown) at Yankees (Wells)
1998-Game 2 of WS.  WABC  Padres (Ashby) at Yankees ("El Duque")
1998-Game 3 of WS.  WABC   Yankees (Cone) at Padres (Hitchcock)
1998-Game 4 of WS.  WABC   Yankees (Pettitte) sweep the Padres (Brown)
1999-Mar.28  WBAL  Orioles (Erickson) at Cuba Nationals (Ibar)  (3)
1999-May 19. WLW  At Coors Field, the Reds score 24 runs against the Rockies. (Neagle) v. (Bohanon)
1999-June 13. WBAL  The Orioles (Mussina) defeat the Braves (Smoltz) TWENTY-TWO to ONE.
1999-June 25. KMOX. Cardinals' Jose Jimenez no-hits the Diamondbacks (Randy Johnson)
1999-July 10. WABC  Yankees (Pettitte) at Mets (Rick Reed)  (3)
1999-July 18.  NYY netw. In NY, David Cone's perfect game against the Expos in Interleague game
1999 All Star Game from Boston. Charlie Steiner and Dave Campbell
1999-Aug.6. KFMB. Tony Gwynn's 3000th hit. Padres (Hitchcock) at Expos (Dan Smith).
1999-Aug.30. WFAN. Mets bomb Astros 17-1 as "Fonzie" goes 6 for 6 with 5 rbi
1999-Sept.4. WLW Reds bomb the Phillies 22-3
1999-Sept.10. WEEI  Pedro fans 17 and one-hits the Yankees(Pettitte) at Yankee Stadium.
1999-Sept.26  KRLD  Rangers win the Division. A's (K.Jarvis) at Rangers (E.Loaiza)
1999-Sept.27. WJR. Last game at Tiger Stadium. Royals (Suppan) at Tigers (Moehler) (3)
1999-Oct.3. NY netw. Mets(Hershiser) beat Pirates(Benson) to force a one game playoff for the NL Wild Card
1999-Oct.4. NY netw. In Cinc.,Mets(Leiter) beat the Reds(Parris) to win the NL Wild Card
1999-Gm.4 of ALDS. Ernie Harwell.  At Fenway, the Bosox pound the Indians 23-7. (3)
1999-Game 4 of WS. WABC  Yankees sweep Braves in New York
2000-Apr.7  KTRH  The Enron Field Opener   Phillies (Wolf) at Astros (Dotel)
2000-Apr.15.  WBAL. Cal Ripken's 3,000th hit. Orioles (Maduro) at Twins (Bergman) 2000-Apr.22. WMAQ A Major major brawl. Imposible to believe. Tigers (Weaver) at Chisox (Parque) (3)
2000-May 1. WSB. Braves win their 14th straight game. Braves (Millwood) at Dodgers (Gagne)
2000 All Star Game from Atlanta. A.L. (Wells) at N.L. (R.Johnson)
2000-Oct.1. KDKA. The Three Rivers Finale. Cubs at Pirates   (3)
2000-Game 1 of WS.. WABC Yanks (Pettitte) defeat the Mets (Leiter) 
2000-Game 2 of WS   WABC   Yanks (Clemens) defeat the Mets (Hampton)
2000-Game 4 of WS.   WABC   Yanks Negale) defeat the Mets (Bobby Jones)
2000-Game 5 of WS.  WABC  Yanks (Pettitte) win the Title by defeating the Mets(Leiter)
2001-May 12. FL netw. In S.D., the Marlins' A.J.Burnett no-hits the Padres
2001-July 26. KTAR. A BIG game for Giants' fans!  Giants (L.Hernandez) at Diamondbacks (Schilling)
2001-Aug.5.WKNR. The Indians are trailing the Mariners 14-2 and come back to win 15-14. (3)
2001-Sept.3 KMOX Cards' Bud Smith no-hits the Padres (Bobby Jones) in SD
2001-Sept.19. KIRO with Dave Niehaus. Mariners,at SAFECO, beat the Angels to win the A.L.West
2001-Sept.19  WABC  Clemens goes 20-1. Yankees (Clemens) at Chisox (Glover)
2001-Oct.5  KIRO  M's win #115 breaking the '98 Yankee record for wins. Rangers(Hellickson) @ Mariners (Moyer)
2001-Oct.6 KIRO  Mariners beats Texas for win # 116 on the season--a MLB one season record!
2001-Oct.6. WBAL  Cal Ripken's last game.  Bosox (Cone) at Orioles (Bauer)
2001-Gm.5 of NLDS. KTAR. D'backs advance to the NLCS. Cards (M.Morris) at D'backs (Schilling)
2001-Gm.5 of NLCS. KTAR. D'backs advance to the World Series.   D'backs (R.Johnson) at Atl. (Glavine)  (3)
2001-Gm.1 of WS. KTAR. Yankees (Mussina) at Diamondbacks (Schilling)
2001-Gm.2 of WS. KTAR. Yankees (Pettitte) at Diamondbacks (R.Johnson)
2001-Gm.6 of WS. KTAR  Yankees (Pettitte) at Diamondbacks (R.Johnson)  (3)
2001-Gm.7 of WS. KTAR  Yankees (Clemens) at Diamondbacks (Schilling)   (3)